Connect PrestaShop with Amazon and Sell Products
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How to Connect PrestaShop to Amazon and Create Listings There

Nowadays online entrepreneurs have more options than ever when things are heading towards selling online. You can, of course, open a standalone PrestaShop web mall or sell on one of world famous established marketplaces, like Amazon or, what is the most advantageous variant, do both – open your online business and integrate PrestaShop with Amazon to dispose your products at this sales channel.

Within short span of time has evolved to the leading online retailer, attracting millions of customers across the world. Setting PrestaShop Amazon integration you actually put merchandise in front of vast customer base and gain more exposure. To make this process seamless and overcome business challenges we deliver remarkable Amazon Integration Addon for PrestaShop

PrestaShop Amazon Integration has been designed to facilitate integration with popular selling channel. It can be used in combination with Store Manager for PrestaShop. Store Manager is the main application that is used for advanced PrestaShop store handling and is abundant in functional capabilities.

How to Start Working With Amazon Integration

All the extensions, you can use along with Store Manager, are accessible in Addons section of the application. Press Amazon Integration icon to launch the plug-in.

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Please note, it is in demo mode and allows to export to Amazon not more than 10 products for testing. In order to remove limitations and process any number of products, you have to register Amazon Integration tool with separate license key (Preferences->Addons->Amazon Integration (press Unregistered and paste the license key you have got after the purchase)

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What Can You Do Having Amazon Integration at Disposal?

  • List your PrestaShop products at the marketplace under your Amazon account
  • Add products from Amazon to PrestaShop
  • Perform synchronizations to keep your Amazon products updated
  • Check your submissions – status, performance, success
  • Arrange orders made on Amazon

How is product export to Amazon arranged? What settings should you proceed with? What peculiarities should you pay attention to when updating already existing at marketplace products? We are going to dwell on main points and outline how to add products to Amazon and make updates.

Before exporting or updating merchandise you have to specify credentials to log in to your Amazon account and select necessary marketplace from the dropdown.

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In order to perform integration, you should have Amazon Professional Selling Plan

List Products at Amazon

Maybe you have just joined this sales giant and are going to append products for the first time. Or maybe you have been selling on Amazon and want to add novices on purpose to expand Amazon product catalog. Anyways, you can add merchandise in this way

  1. The actions, enumerated above, are provided at the addon homepage. Press “Sell on Amazon”

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  3. On this step you should figure out what identifier will be used for product search on your marketplace. There is a variety of identifiers that can be used to link your PrestaShop products to corresponding ones on Amazon

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    If you are using ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification), EAN (European Article Number), UPC (Universal Product Code), ISBN (International Standard Book Number), GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), GCID (Global Catalog Identifier) or PZN (Pharma-Zentral-Nummer) you have to proceed to database field, selected identifier will be taken from

    Please note, in the case described below Product Name is used as identifier and PrestaShop products will be matched with Amazon products manually.

  5. Indicate what products you want to append in the course of PrestaShop Amazon integration. Click on “Add from my store” and use product search form to find necessary items.

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  7. Hover over Amazon products, system has detected, and select the most suitable for your merchandise to be linked to in the process of export to Amazon.

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  8. Specify what exactly product details will be exported to marketplace: base product data, inventory, price, images. Adjust export specifying product condition, setting timeframe product will be available within, create promotions exporting sale price.

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Once you are done, preview data you are going to transfer in the upcoming window and confirm export

Let’s get back, select other identifier and see differences in export settings, for example we want to identify products by ASIN. Here is what you should fulfill

  1. Check radio button for ASIN or any of bar codes offered, indicate what database field selected code is available in and move towards next step

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  3. Press “Add from my Store” button on the toolbar and search for items to be disposed on Amazon. If ASIN code of selected products match with Amazon ones, products will be mapped automatically

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  5. Determine details to be exported as it has been already described, check data to be exported and commence on the process pressing “Export” button respectively

Add products from Amazon to PrestaShop

When you select Product Name as identifier for merchandise export to sales channel, you can see “Add from Amazon” option in the following window. What does it stand for? It allows you to import merchandise from Amazon to your online shop and get them automatically exported back to Amazon and listed under account for sale.

  1. Press “Add from Amazon” button on the toolbar
  2. Paste product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN of desired items in the search form; select the category(categories) these products are listed in on Amazon
  3. You can see products coinciding with search requests after pressing “Search” button. There is the possibility to move to product page on Amazon pressing “product details” link below each

  4. Decide which product(products) will be listed at your PrestaShop website and press Sell Yours

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  6. You can adjust product details in separate window; set product SKU, assign category, add quantity, price. Manufacturer is being filled automatically

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  8. As it has been already mentioned, this product will be automatically listed under your Amazon account, so customer can buy from you. Thus, on the following step you have to specify what detail should this product be exported with

After all the data are configured, preview product(s) to be submitted and fulfil the procedure

Update Products Listed at Amazon

If you are selling on Amazon, from time to time there arises the necessity to change some information.

  1. Select Synchronize Products option on the initial page
  2. Find in the list items, requiring updates and click “Next” to proceed
  3. Specify what product fields should be updated: inventory, prices, images

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  5. Look through Renew Amazon product listings before starting the update

Check your submissions

PrestaShop Amazon Integration addon keeps your submissions in history, so you can check the needed one any time. It shows submission results, status, date it has been performed, warning and errors, if such occurred. There is a possibility to apply filters to instantly reach necessary one: filter by feed type list (post product data, post inventory availability data, post product pricing data, post product image data, post order fulfillment data, post order acknowledgement data, post payment adjustment data), submission date, feed processing status list (submitted, in progress, cancelled, done), etc

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Order Management in PrestaShop Amazon Integration Addon

If your products were ordered by Amazon customers, you can check them directly in the application. Click on Order Management to be transferred to order list. You can filter purchases by definite time period, reach the ones created before specific date or after definite date or perform filtering by status.

All the order details are displayed in this window. You can view order details, customer name, order total, check item purchased and process order (print packing slip, confirm shipment, cancel or make the refund)

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Create a robust selling system and enhance your profitability connecting your PrestaShop business with world-famous Amazon sales giant

Start PrestaShop-Amazon integration now Integrate PrestaShop with Amazon Now

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Evan • 06/26/2020

Hey, is there a possibility to export bullet points to Amazon?

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Evan • 07/07/2020

Hello, Evan! Thank you for your question. Yes, such possibility is available now in Store Manager for PrestaShop starting from v. and higher. In the Amazon addon it’s possible to select the fields which will serve as bullet points. You can download 14 days trial to see how it works Please contact us if you have further questions.