Export PrestaShop combinations to eBay Marketplace - Extended Tutorial
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How to Export PrestaShop Combinations to eBay

The eBay Integration with Store Manager for PrestaShop lets you create multi-variational listings in a few clicks. Here is a PrestaShop product with combinations we’re going to export to eBay.

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export

1.Select products and add to eBay listing

You can quickly add selected products to eBay by clicking Addons > Add to eBay listing.

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export

The dialog window shows all available listings (if any). You can choose an existing listing and assign products to it. To create a new listing, press Create New. Connect to your eBay account, then fill in the configuration name and listing name and press OK:

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export New Listing

Confirm listing creation and launch PrestaShop to eBay Integration addon from the dialog window.

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export New Listing Confirm

Create a new configuration. Select wheather the configuration should be created based on a category or product.

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export New Configuration Based On

2.Configure the Options of Configurable Products Export

The following step of configuration setup is category mapping. Here you need to assign your store category to appropriate eBay category. Assocciate categories, products are assigned to at the store, to corresponding ones on eBay store.

Designate item specifics to be shown on category page at the marketplace. Those, marked with asterisk, are obligatory and you should assign their values to move further.


  • Names of attribute groups, combinations are based on in PrestaShop, can’t be identical to some eBay specifics name. Try to use unique attribute names, for example “shoes color” instead of “color” simply
  • specifics marked with asterisk are required and should be mapped either with your store database fields or with eBay ones
  • if you map specifics with some of PrestaShop fields, and currently exported products don’t have value assigned for these fields, product export will not be accomplished successfully
  • attributes, used for product variations shouldn’t be mapped with specifics, as they are detected automatically

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export New Listing Options

Map store categories to the eBay categories:

PrestaShop Store Manager eBay Combinations Export

Set export methods and options. Export methods allow you to create new eBay products, update existing active items or relist inactive ones. If you export new products from PrestaShop to eBay, enable “Create new eBay items” method.

List your products with combination at fixed price. In this way customers will buy the products without any bidding. After that you can adjust policies, shipping calculation, product templates. Once it’s done, preview products and confirm the export of PrestaShop combinations to eBay.

After the export is completed, check your eBay backend and view variations on the marketplace.

eBay Integration addon of Store Manager facilitates flawless integration with eBay and allows to dispose products for sale in quick manner.

Integrate PrestaShop with eBay Marketplace

Start Integration

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