PrestaShop Order Status Update & Return Statuses (1.7)
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PrestaShop Order Status Update

The availability to assign statuses to orders greatly simplifies the tracking of order processing stages. PrestaShop admin allows us to check order status flow, add, update, and delete statuses. Using additional options you can enable automatic notification of customers on the PrestaShop order status, attach an invoice PDF to the email, or hide a status in all customer orders.

Prestashop Order Status

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics related to order status management. Jump to a certain paragraph to find the answer to your question.

Where to Find PrestaShop Order Status Settings

  1. In the PrestaShop admin panel hover over ‘Shop parameters’ under ‘Configure’ section and select ‘Order Settings’:

  2. Prestashop Order Settings

  3. Open the ‘Statuses’ tab and check the list of default order statuses available. Each status has a distinctive color and an icon that makes order tracking easier and more convenient. For example, instantly noticed red colors signify that something is wrong with an order, whereas green colors mean that an order is appropriately processed.

  4. PrestaShop-Order-Statuses

PrestaShop Return Statuses

Besides order statuses, PrestaShop allows you to track and manage return statuses. You can find them in the same settings below the order statuses list. To change the return status name or color, press ‘Edit’. You can also add your own return status by tapping the ‘+Add’ button:


How to Add a New PrestaShop Order Status

  1. Find the ‘Add new order status’ button up on the right side of the page and click on it.
  2. Specify order status name, add an icon if necessary, and select the color of the status.
  3. Check additional options to customize the order status: consider the order as validated, set it as paid or shipped, notify a client by email that his/her order status has been changed, etc.

  4. PrestaShop-Add-New-Order-Status

How to Update PrestaShop Order Status

  1. In the admin panel hover over ‘Orders’ under the ‘SELL’ section and select ‘Orders’.

  2. Click on an order and find a drop-down with statuses in the ‘Statuses’ tab. Select the necessary status and press the ‘Update Status’ button. After the page refreshes, you will find the updated status displayed.

  3. Update-order-Status-in-PrestaShop-Admin

PrestaShop Order Statuses And Customers

PrestaShop brings the possibility for customers to track their order status in the Orders History under their account settings. As an admin, you can customize the settings of certain order statuses making them invisible for your shoppers. To do so tick the corresponding check box in the ‘Admin’ > ‘Configure’ > ‘Shop parameters’ > ‘Order Settings’ > ‘Statuses’ tab > ‘Edit’.

Also, you can enable automatic notifications on order status update in the same window and choose the appropriate email template:


How to Change PrestaShop Order Status Via Store Manager for PrestaShop

In this section, we will show you how you can update PrestaShop order status much faster using Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application that allows managing your PrestaShop store via a user-friendly interface. It offers built-in tools for bulk updates, step-by-step wizards for manual and automatic import/export, and other. Try Store Manager for free now!

If you already have Store Manager installed, run it, open the Store tab, and click Orders.

Store Manager for PrestaShop Orders Section

To change order status, select the order and press Update Status on the toolbar. Then select a status in the drop-down list:


If you want to send an email notification to the customer, enable this option and pick a template in the drop-down list. The email will be sent automatically after you click OK:

PrestaShop order status update email notification

In the same way you can update statuses for several orders in bulk. Select orders in the grid, press the Update Status button on the toolbar or right-click, and select this option in the context menu:


Again, to send email notificatins on the selected multiple orders, check the option ‘Notify customer using email’.

As you can see, updating PrestaShop order status involves fewer steps when you do it via Store Manager. Moreover, you can view order details in the same window as well as quickly perform other operations with orders: create, clone, delete, import/export, and other.

Update PrestaShop Order Statuses and Manage All Order Details in One Window!

Try Store Manager for PrestaShop FREE

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Emmanuel • 08/26/2019

How can I change the order status trough the API

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Emmanuel • 08/27/2019

Hello Emmanuel,
thank you for your question.
As we develop the Store Manager software for PrestaShop but not the shopping cart itself, we can recommend searching the solution how to change status through API on PrestaShop forum.

Marduk • 02/15/2020

Great post! how does Prestashop store on each order that it has been shipped so the ASM adjusts the reserved and physical stock? Thanks!

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Marduk • 02/17/2020

Hello Marduk,
Thank you for your comment.
Not sure if we understand your question properly, is it the stock movement or the exact quantity you are interested in, but maybe this resource regarding PrestaShop ASM will be helpful for you – Stock Management In PrestaShop – Part 3.

Marduk • 02/18/2020

Thanks for answering my previous message, indeed I wasn’t clear enough at all for such a “complex” question. In ASM PS reserves stock for new validated orders, that “available stock” will only be released (and then deducted from the physical stock) once you change that order to an order status that has the option “consider order as shipped” ticked. My question then is, how does it PS store that information on the BD? or maybe it’s not that easy as changing a value from 0 to 1 on a table related to that specific order, maybe that order status change triggers a bunch of changes on the BD to mark the order as shipped and correct stock levels on ASM system. Because I’ve tried to manually correct the 3 stock levels of a particular product directly on the BD, but as soon as as save the changes it get automatically undone

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Marduk • 02/18/2020

thank you for your reply.
Indeed, the changes being undone is a normal behaviour of the database, as ASM depends not only from “stock_available” table. The value in this table is recalculated depending on different events, like saving product, order creation, order supplement, stock management, etc. And the data from tables “stock” and “stock_mvt” serves as a basis for “stock_available”.
Our recommendation is be to get well acquainted with the database structure concerning ASM before making changes to tables, so you could save data integrity and avoid issues with database. Maybe you will find answer in developer guide or on PrestaShop forum.

Marduk • 02/19/2020

Thanks! so you think it may be possible to fix the wrong ASM reserved stock by changing at the same time those values on these 3 tables at one (“stock” and “stock_mvt” serves as a basis for “stock_available”)?

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Marduk • 02/19/2020

It is hard to say, we would rather recommend searching for a programmer with corresponding skills who would check the database and make changes (or advices you how to make them) without further harm. You can start from PrestaShop forum as an option.