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Mass Operations over PrestaShop Customers

Since PrestaShop customers are inalienable participants of your business process, you must develop solid customer management system to track each customer detail and ensure smooth interaction and cooperation with your clientele.

Store Manager for PrestaShop makes it easy to arrange your customer base allowing in an instant create new customer records, alter or delete necessary ones, view their orders, billing and shipping information, organize buyers into groups and more. More advantageous is that, this application gives you the possibility to manage customers in bulk. It saves you tons of time and contributes to overall store management system improvement.

What exactly operations can you accomplish over multiple PrestaShop customers?

PrestaShop Customers Filtering

Oftentimes, you may need to, let’s say, alter some buyer details. Although having large amount of customers, you may find it tedious to find necessary one. Store Manager application significantly lightens customer search, offering built-in filter functionality. Filter options are given on customer toolbar, suitable filter criterion should be selected from the drop-down. It’s possible to filter customers by certain customer group or show all the customers.

Whenever you need to derive clients that belong to this or that customer group, you have to opt for this very group and choose Filter by Selected Group option. Customer groups available are given in the left window pane. In such a way you will derive customers of certain group in the grid.

It is also possible to systemize customer records using column headings or create custom filter, designating parameters and conditions in corresponding dialog box.

Above you can view the example of such custom filter. This filter allows to find buyers by date they have been registered. As you see, this very filter is created with the aim to uncover customers, that have been registered in period between 11.04.2013 – 16.05.2013.

Moreover, in the left window pane you can find one more PrestaShop customer filtering functionality. It’s possible to sort clientele by period (full, today, yesterday, this week, this month, custom, etc) or by products, customers have added to the cart.

Customers Export

In the event that you need to derive list of customers for further processing, you are able to export customer data to Excel or HTML files. Corresponding options are available on customer toolbar. Just select customers you have to export, press corresponding icon and indicate where exactly this file will be saved.

Export to QuickBooks or Peachtree

Directly from this section you may export customer data to QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting software. The process itself embraces several steps and is being performed via Export Data wizard.

Mass Customer Removal

To delist unnecessary customers from PrestaShop, just choose them and press Delete Customers button on the toolbar. Confirm deleting in the dialog box that appears. Whenever you need to remove customers and all their order history, check corresponding box in this dialog box.

Store Manager for PrestaShop helps you develop workable mechanism of customer management, offering a multitude of operations you can perform to organize information on clientele. Go to – http://www.prestashopmanager.com/ to find more on Store Manager functional capabilities.