Basic Operations Over PrestaShop Customers

Opportune and straightforward PrestaShop customers handling is a necessary part of successful PrestaShop store running. Store owners are to permanently engage new clients, monitor current ones or delist customers and details from store database if needed.

To neatly organize PrestaShop customer list and not to miss a detail store owners have to develop remarkable customers management scheme. Store Manager for PrestaShop will come to the assistance and help you logically organize customer data.

First of all, it should be emphasized that customer data are being administrated in special Customers and Groups section of the application. Once you switch to this section, you will see customers and groups arranged as follows: groups are being listed in the left pane of the window; to the right you can notice PrestaShop customers filter options; PrestaShop customer list is being placed between above mentioned windows.
In customer grid you can find the following details – customer name, gender, ID, e-mail, age, date of registration.

What can be achieved while arranging PrestaShop customers with Store Manager for PrestaShop software?

Create PrestaShop customer

To add new customer to PrestaShop database you need to input details in Edit Customer form, that is being opened by pressing corresponding icon on customer toolbar.

The following fields have to be specified:

  • First Name – customer’s first name
  • Last Name – input PrestaShop customer’s last name
  • Password – combination of letters and numbers your customer will use to log in the website
  • E-mail address – input customer’s e-mail
  • Birthday – customer’s date of birth
  • Gender – select gender from drop-down

Below you can find checkboxes for setting customer status and newsletter subscription. Set status – specify whether current customer is active or not – uncheck the box to enable an account and vice versa. Analogical with newsletters – check “Newsletter” box to subscribe customers to your shop newsletters. Checking opt-in box you agree that the customer will receive advertisements from your partners.

In the window below you can assign current PrestaShop customers to necessary PrestaShop customer group. Check box for the group you want the customer to belong to.

Modify customer from PrestaShop customer list

Not infrequently you should change or add details to already existing at PrestaShop database customer. There is corresponding option available on customers toolbar. Either click on it or double click on the customer you need to bring alterations to. Analogical “Edit Customer Data” form will appear. Modify the fields required and press Ok to apply changes implemented.

Remove PrestaShop customers from the list

Delete PrestaShop customer icon can be found on customers toolbar or in customer context menu. Define customer/customers you want to delist and press corresponding button. Dialog box that appears, asks your confirmation to delete records from database.

You can also refresh PrestaShop customer list, for example, after the connection has been changed, pressing Refresh Data icon on the toolbar. With Store Manager for PrestaShop you have convenient customer filters at your disposal: by products, date or PrestaShop customer group.

Make PrestaShop customers management straightforward and efficient with Store Manager for PrestaShop application –