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PrestaShop Customer Import

PrestaShop customers are inalienable participants of eCommerce business and their accurate handling belongs to important store management tasks. There is always the necessity to register new shoppers coming to your web shop or change the group this or that customer belongs to. When you need to create multiple customers at PrestaShop or update existing ones, you would definitely be glad to have convenient PrestaShop import tool at disposal.

Store Manager for PrestaShop provides you with flexible instrument for customer and related data import from the file. Import wizard makes significant contribution to PrestaShop customer handling and lets you append information to PrestaShop within several clicks only.

Why Is It Worth to Import with Store Manager?

  • you can load configuration and run import on settings saved formerly, what deprives you of setting specifying each time
  • importing customers you can indicate what group they will be assigned to, inputting it in corresponding column of the file to be imported
  • you can upload any customer associated detail, the only thing is to arrange the data properly within the file you will import from
  • importing with the import wizard you can choose between import methods, depending on what exactly action is to be carried out – create new and renew existing customers, only create new customer records or only renew current ones
  • PrestaShop import wizard guides you through data appending and prompts on every step

How Is the Process Organized?

As it was mentioned above, the procedure consists of several logically organized steps. When you launch the wizard clicking on corresponding button on the customer toolbar or through Tools -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Customers, you will get the window including two options – customer export and import. Since you are going to append customers to PrestaShop, click on import icon and you will be transferred to the succeeding step, where file to be imported should be provided.

After you check data on preview step and look through base formats and separators, you are supposed to associate .csv file columns with appropriate fields at PrestaShop database in corresponding wizard window. It is divided into two panes – database fields are listed in the left pane, file column titles are available in the right pane. Choose database field in the left pane and double click on appropriate field to assign it or select it from the drop-down menu. In the event that titles of field columns and database fields coincide, you can resort to Auto Fill option functionality and they will be linked automatically.

Preview customers one more time to ensure information is organized suitably and turn to import method specifying – create new PrestaShop customers only, renew them only or perform both operations simultaneously. There is also the option allowing to save current PrestaShop import settings. Once you press Import button, the process will start.

Import outcomes will be available in the last wizard window.

Make your customer management easier and faster with PrestaShop import of customers tool. Add new shoppers and details on them, update existing records within no time with Store Manager for PrestaShop.

In case you need to import customer information along with client passwords, you need to perform some additional groundwork. This is required because the passwords are encoded. Check what should be done to move customers with passwords from one PrestaShop store to another –