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PrestaShop Customer Export

One of obvious advantages of online store is that you have all information on clients who have registered and placed the order at your shop gathered in one place. You might not be personally acquainted with customers who entered your webshop, but you can anytime have access to details they provided and keep contact with them, for example, for sending news updates, seasonal catalogs, brochures or promotions. In any case, this gives you possibility to draw customer back to your store and place new order.

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you access to list of customer accounts and provides means to export and import them.

PrestaShop customer export procedure is used for bringing information on your clients to the spreadsheet. It is possible to select out what exactly data fields to copy to your file and even upload ready file to some remote FTP.

Before you proceed to executing of procedure you can filter our clients by some parameter and export to the file only information on particular customers. You can use ready-made filters and sort shoppers by Prestashop customer group, by period they were added or depending on the goods that were ordered by them or other parameters using custom filters.

In case you would like to export only some clients from the list, you have to select them before running Export wizard itself.

To start Import/Export customers wizard in Store Manager you have to open Store > Customers&Groups and in main menu selecting button that is responsible for this action.

You will see new window opened where you have to select Export Customers to CSV file.

At the second step of the procedure you have to indicate to which file exported information should be saved. You can also choose its location at your PC or at some remote place where it would be saved after upload if you check corresponding checkbox and indicate access details.

If you have selected particular customers to be exported, then you will see the step where you have to confirm if you would like to bring to the file information on chosen shoppers or all existing in the list.

For proper file parsing while opening you also need to indicate information delimiters and separators that will be used in your file. Please, remember them as you will have to indicate identical ones during file opening.

Select fields to be exported to spreadsheet to get only needed details without further file restructuring. Use arrows in the middle to move fields. Drag them to change their position.

After you hit “Export” button you will see progress bar showing you the stage of procedure completeness. At the last step you will see detailed logging on the process and can select further action with imported file. For example, the file or directory it is saved can be opened right after wizard is closed.

You do not need any SQL queries or special technical knowledge to export your data. Try out Store Manager for PrestaShop and make things simple –