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Import PrestaShop Categories without a Tension

PrestaShop-based store will be really fully-featured and customer-oriented if it possesses structured catalog. Will messy categories be the base for refined product catalog? Of course, no. PrestaShop category tree requires smart and logical organization since it is a backbone of you webshop.

Store Manager for PrestaShop lets efficiently handle multitude of categories and subcategories of different levels. Except of common category management capabilities, this PrestaShop solution handles PrestaShop import categories task comprehensively. This is actually the most efficient method of creating new and updating existing category listings.

Points to Consider When Importing Categories to PrestaShop

  • If some inaccuracies occur in the course of categories import, it can negatively influence overall store data, so it is recommended to back up database
  • Category images will be uploaded only on condition that FTP connection is set up
  • Import file influences the process and determines whether desired outcomes will be attained. Each category is a separate row in the file, you upload. In case you create new categories, entire path for them must be specified
  • The main category in PrestaShop is a root category. All PrestaShop categories must be assigned to root category and it, respectively, initiates category path
  • You can also impose category restrictions on certain customers when importing PrestaShop categories. The file, that undergoes import, should incorporate Customer Group column. Shopper groups, listed in this column, will be able to access products from certain category

Import PrestaShop Categories With Store Manager Free

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Category Import Setting Instruction

  1. Start PrestaShop category import wizard from Tools->Import/Export->Import/Export Categories or from the toolbar and indicate what file information will be taken from. If you have import configuration, load it on this step.

  2. Check whether delimiters, specified in these fields, coincide with the ones, used in the file. Improper delimiter usage is the reason of import mishaps.

    To upload category images enable Import/Export checkbox on this step and specify local folder with these images

  3. Next in turn is database fields – file columns association setting. Details, you have in .csv file are places to certain database fields, so your task is to link them correctly.

    Category identifier is one of factors that influences PrestaShop import categories process. ID is used only for updating existing categories. In order to create new categories or subcategories of any level, you should specify full category path in the file and select category name as identifier on this step.

  4. Preview step allows you to view category associated information and afterwards import option should be specified.

    It is possible to skip some records and start uploading from certain file row. Input number of file record, process will start at and PrestaShop categories, listed above, will not be processed.

  5. Select the import option on the following step. If you are not sure that some of categories, listed in the file, have not been created previously, do not select Just add option, since duplicates might be created.

  6. Store Manager lets you select specific shops to import categories, if you have multiple stores. All the shop groups and shop are displayed in the box below. Tick the box for the shop you’d like to create/update PrestaShop categories at

    Check PrestaShop import categories results in Store Manager after import completes.

    Store Manager for PrestaShop makes PrestaShop import of categories smooth and safe. Make your store live in the eyes of your customers! Build and improve your PrestaShop catalogue system with Store Manager for PrestaShop!