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PrestaShop Category List Management

Having the ability to perform multiple manipulations with your PrestaShop category list using functions placed close to each other makes category management fast and convenient. Since PrestaShop admin functionalities provided for category list ordering are quite limited, the Store Manager tries to enable the missing options.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Besides basic PrestaShop category tree management possibilities, Store Manager offers a bunch of out-of-box options unavailable on the PrestaShop backend. Let’s check their full list and learn their benefits.

Apply Category Filter

Filter out categories in one click. Just input the name of the category and press the ‘Apply the filter’ button. The function is a must-have for merchants owning big stores.

PrestaShop Category List Filter Option with Store Manager

  • You can set up the filter telling it to search by an exact phrase or by all words.

PrestaShop Category List Filter by Exact Phrase in Store Manager

Change Category Position

It is possible to change the PrestaShop category position by drag-and-dropping. Click on a category and drag it to the necessary place.

Change PrestaShop Category Position with Store Manager

Assign Categories

Store Manager allows assigning PrestaShop products to multiple categories or subcategories at once. You just need to tick the necessary categories and press ‘OK’.

Assign Products to PrestaShop Categories with Store Manager

Right-Click Menu Options

Copy/Paste Categories

You can clone the PrestaShop category and paste it to another category via the context menu in a moment.

Copy and Paste PrestaShop Categories with Store Manager

  • You can choose whether to copy the category with its products or with its subcategories or not.

Select Copy Options for PrestaShop Category List with Store Manager

  • There are two paste methods available: insert category to the root category or insert it to the selected category.

Choose PrestaShop Category List Paste Method with Store Manager

Set Enabled/Disabled

Using the context menu, you can disable a (sub)category, so it will not be displayed on the front end.

Disable PrestaShop Category List with Store Manager

Associate with Shop(s)

You can make a category visible for any of the stores either with its products or without them.

PrestaShop Associate Category List with Shop with Store Manager

Assign Image to Category

It is possible to easily add an image to the PrestaShop category or subcategory using the Assign image’ function or simply by drag-and-dropping the picture on the ‘Drop image here’ place.

PrestaShop Assign Images to Category with Store Manager

It is tremendously important to keep your category tree well-organized, because usually, shoppers search for products by category names, e.g. Dresses, Laptops, Accessories, etc. Having your categories mixed up or containing the wrong products might push your customers away and make them leave your store to save their time and nerves.

Rich PrestaShop Store Manager’s category toolkit at hand allows to easily handle even a very complex category tree structure. Most of the options are available in the context menu, so you don’t have to constantly look through the toolbar to find a necessary button. Bearing in mind that many of the above-listed functions are unavailable in PrestaShop admin, Store Manager seems to be a perfect tool for keeping your store neat and well-structured.

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