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How to Remove PrestaShop Product Data in Bulk?

Products, that form your PrestaShop catalog, usually possess some properties and characteristics. These merchandise include attributes and attribute combinations, those ones come with PrestaShop features or attachments and, beyond any doubt, all the products you offer at the store have PrestaShop images. Oftentimes the catalog requires updates and firstly you need to bulk delete PrestaShop product details.

You might need to delete product pictures and load new ones, remove PrestaShop specific prices, set different attributes and combinations or customized labels. Do you find it rational to manually edit one product after another to clear associated data or you will prefer tool by means of which you will be able to remove details in bulk?

Most likely, the second option is far better, since it will take less time and efforts. Store Manager for PrestaShop comprises the functionality, designed to help you remove associated details en masse. Unnecessary data will be taken away in no time and you are not obliged to correct products manually, wasting valuable time on minor store management tasks.

Let’s have a closer look at options Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you and learn how they function.


Clear PrestaShop Product Data Option

This option is available in product context menu and allows to remove any product referred data in this way.

  1. Opt for item(s) to be modified and right click to call context menu
  2. Hit Clear Product Data button in the dropdown
  3. Check boxes for details you want to clear

What exactly data can be erased in such a way? Dialog box allows to choose the following fields:

  • attribute combinations current products possess
  • PrestaShop images
  • features that belong to chosen items
  • specific prices
  • accessories
  • attachments
  • customizations
  • virtual products data

Once you designate the fields and press OK, selected data will be removed and when you go to corresponding tab in the lower grid, it will not show any information. Thus, if some product details were messed or incorrect, you can clear them and provide proper data to describe PrestaShop products.

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Remove Product Details in the Process of PrestaShop Import

You may rewrite product details when performing PrestaShop import from the file or simply clear them for merchandise you have in the file. When, for example, you made muddle of things and added wrong attributes, want to add new images or decided to remove PrestaShop specific prices, you can delete them, checking respective boxes on the next to last step of the import wizard.

Store Manager for PrestaShop makes your work with product catalog maximally convenient and fast. It deprives you of cumbersome product editing and allows to accomplish it automatically.