Search PrestaShop Products by Features Assigned
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How to Perform PrestaShop Product Search by Features Assigned

Flexible PrestaShop search is always a must-have allowing to quickly reach necessary items and better manage product catalog respectively. When number of products in backend is continually increasing, you would be glad to have a chance to fulfil search by various parameters, for example by features.

Features represent optional characteristics that provide some extra details about the products, PrestaShop store is selling. Most likely they are assigned to multiple listings over your store and PrestaShop product search by feature values will greatly help you out to shorten time spent on the browsing.

Store Manager for PrestaShop (v.2.23.1453 and newer) provides PrestaShop product search by features options and below you can find detailed instructions on how it works.

Fulfil PrestaShop Product Search by Features

All the products, your PrestaShop store holds, are available in Store->Categories&Products section of Store Manager application. Switch to it and proceed with these actions:

  1. Open product search form pressing its icon on the toolbar.

  2. Expand ‘Fields to search in’ dropdown and select feature you will search by.

  3. Insert feature value in ‘Text to search’ field above.

  4. Adjust search options, selecting any word, all the words, exact phrase or exact match in the field to the right.

  5. Click ‘Search’ button to see the list of products matching search conditions and options.

Products, returned by search options, can directly be managed from the search form. There are two options available on the toolbar – product editing and removing. When you press edit button, you will enable editing respectively and will be able to update product related details in seconds.

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Create Product Filter

Once you fulfil product search, you can create filter with the results and further use it to access products instantly. You just need to press ‘Filter’ button at the bottom of the search page.

Filter is being instantly applied and you can see in the grid products that match the filter conditions.

It will now be available in ‘Filter’ dropdown at the product toolbar and can be used for quick filtering each time you need. In the same way you can create custom filters in Store Manager for PrestaShop application and stop wasting time on catalog roaming.

Store Manager for PrestaShop brings new possibilities to catalog handling making it more straightforward and accomplished in a flash.

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