How to Configure Bridge Connection - Store Manager for PrestaShop
2019-08-23 2016-12-21
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How to Connect Store Manager to PrestaShop Database via Bridge Connector

PrestaShop Bridge Connector is a module, you need to install in back-end to fluently connect Store Manager desktop application to your store database. Take advantage of simplicity and reliability of data handling provided by this tool.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to get Store Manager connected to PrestaShop datasbase and fluently work with it.

1. Download and Install PrestaShop Bridge Connector Module

Everything starts from the module installation to your store back-office. For this you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Download Store Manager for PrestaShop Bridge connector archive here –
    Downloaded Bridge Connector zipped file should afterwards be added to your back-end.

  2. Log in to the Admin Panel of your store.

  3. Go to Modules section / Module Manager and hit “Add a new module” button to add PrestaShop Store Manager Bridge Connector module.

  4. Select module zipped file and complete the upload.

  5. Once the module has been added, you have to install and configure it. Press “Configure” button beside the module to access connector settings.

    It is recommended to change default access settings to make database connection more secure. Insert new login credentials here in Admin and keep them in mind since they are required in Store Manager to connect to your store database.

    Advanced Bridge Connector settings, configured in the field below, influence data get procedure. It is recommended to leave them as they are. If you, for example, exclude database tables or restrict query capacity improperly, you may encounter errors in Store Manager.

  6. Press “Save” button below at this page to apply changes.

Done, PrestaShop Bridge Connector module is now configured in your Admin Panel and you can proceed with settings in Store Manager application.

2. Set Connection in Store Manager

In order to connect Store Manager to PrestaShop database you have to do the following in the application.

  1. Access “Preferences” window either pressing F12 button or via main menu.

  2. Select“Create New Store Configuration” to start adding new configuration.

  3. Specify PrestaShop store URL and hit “Test Store URL”.

  4. Next, select Connect via native PrestaShop module option and proceed further.

  5. Specify bridge login and password, the one you have configured in the backend for the connector. After the fields are filled in, press “Test Connection” to check if the details are correct and to verify the connection.

  6. After you hit few“Next” to finish the connection setup, you’ll see the Bridge Connecor sign in the Preferences window. Now you can use “OK” button to Get data from web and connect to your PrestaShop store.

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