Bulk Assign PrestaShop Accessories to Products Via Import
2018-06-28 2016-06-24
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How to Bulk Add PrestaShop Accessories to Products Via Import

PrestaShop accessories are widely used by store owners to expose the catalog in more efficient way, since they suggest shoppers what items can be bought along with viewed product. Actually accessories can form a perfect combo of related items that can be purchased together.

Ascribing accessories manually to multiple PrestaShop products could really be a hard nut to crack. Traditional method of their assigning should be reconsidered in this case and replaced with efficient one, that facilitates bulk PrestaShop accessory assign and is available in Store Manager for PrestaShop.

So, what points you should pay attention to, before assigning accessories via import. One of usual pre-import tasks is file arrangement. Afterwards data from this file is being appended to PrestaShop with the aim to set accessory relations. Look through the instructions below to successfully ascribe accessories to PrestaShop products via import.

Getting Ready With Import File

In the import file you need to set relations between main product and its accessories. As the screenshot of the test import file demonstrates, there should be ‘Product Accessory’ column in the file. It keeps Reference or EAN code of items, that perform the role of accessories. In this way, you have to provide accessory identifier within one cell of .csv file for main product and detach the identifiers by multiple value delimiter (we use semicolon).

PrestaShop Import Settings

To bulk add PrestaShop accessories, you are supposed to accurately specify configurations within data transfer wizard, considering the following:

1. Multiple Value Delimiter Used to Separate Accessories

As it has been stated above, there can be several accessories available for a product in PrestaShop. In order to bulk add PrestaShop accessories you should detach them by some terminating character and specify the same on ‘Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character’ step of the import wizard.

2. Select Accessory Identifier and Map Fields

Fields mapping is an obligatory part of data import. In order to bulk add PrestaShop accessories you need to associate file column keeping accessories with ‘Product Accessories’ field at database.

3.Imported PrestaShop Products Already Have Accessories?

PrestaShop import wizard lets you bulk add PrestaShop accessories to products which already have accessories. You can either substitute existing accessories with the ones, listed in file you import from or add new to existing PrestaShop accessories. If you prefer replacing, enable ‘Delete product accessories before import’ option.

Give the final touches to the import settings and confirm data upload fulfilling. After it completes, check results in Store Manager. Select product you added PrestaShop accessories to and open Accessories tab on the lower grid where assigned through import accessories are disposed.

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