How to Detect Data Integrity Issues in PrestaShop

How to Detect Data Integrity Issues in PrestaShop

Data integrity errors might become quite frequent for a merchant owning a large store with a couple of store views. For example, products with no store associations or products translated to extra languages existing at your store should definitely be fixed. Automatic detection of such issues is likely the best solution in such a case.

Store Manager for PrestaShop application offers a built-in store diagnostics tool that can find errors related to images, SEO, and data integrity.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

In this tutorial, you can check the benefits of data integrity diagnostics provided in Store Manager and learn how to run it and get results. To get detailed information on images and SEO diagnostics of PrestaShop, check these articles:

How to Run Data Integrity Diagnostics in PrestaShop?

  1. From the PrestaShop Store Manager dashboard go to the ‘Tools’ tab and launch the Store diagnostics tool.

  2. Launch Store Diagnostics Tool in Store Manager

  3. Find the Data Integrity section on the left pan and check it.

  4. Run Data Integrity Diagnostics in Store Manager

    It is possible to run diagnostics for all types of issues at once, if necessary. You just need to tick the necessary ones, too.
  5. Press the ‘Run diagnostics’ button. You can view the process of error detection in a separate window and check the number of records processed.

  6. Run Store Diagnostics in Store Manager

  7. For you to avoid the mess with the results, the application sorted them by each of the issues. You can select one from the ‘Select Specific Diagnostic drop-down’ and view the list of products with a separate error.

  8. Select Specific Diagnostic Type from Drop-down in Store Manager

Particular benefits:

  • Products with extra language records issue can be either scanned only or scanned and fixed right away. You can choose a suitable option from the drop-down next to the checkbox.

  • Scan and Fix Data Integrity Errors in PrestaShop Store Manager

  • Results listing the items related to the ‘Product with missing language records’ error can also be fixed by pressing the ‘Add missing records’ button.

  • Add Missing Records in Store Manager

You can track the dynamics of detected and fixed issues by a specific period in the lower grid.

Check Issues and Fixes in Store Manager

There may be multiple kinds of issues that may happen to your store without your knowing. It is very important to detect them before getting a big mess. Store Manager is equipped with a powerful diagnostics tool that can detect various errors in your PrestaShop store instantly and automatically fix some of them.

Detect and fix PrestaShop data integrity issues for 14 days FREE – Free Download

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