PrestaShop Multi Store: Switch Stores From Drop-down
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2019-03-08 2019-01-08
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PrestaShop Multi Store: Switch Stores From Drop-down

Managing multiple stores each from different installation might bring a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. It is especially inconvenient, when the shops are related to each other and you need to manage them simultaneously.

Store Manager’s PrestaShop Multi Store feature allows handling multiple stores from one location. You can simply switch stores from the drop-down menu and the program will instantly show you the related data.

Check the below tutorial on how to easily add multiple connections to your PrestaShop stores, in order to manage them from Store Manager.

How to Set Up PrestaShop Multi Store?

  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Preferences’ or simply press F12.

  2. In ‘Store Configuration’ settings press plus button. Input the name of configuration and press OK.

  3. Fill out Remote Database Connection Settings to set up direct connection. In case you want to configure another connection type, use Connection Wizard.

  4. Press OK.

In order to add more connections, execute the same algorithm. Start from tapping the plus button.

How to Switch Stores?

The program brings the advanced possibility to switch PrestaShop stores in a second by selecting the necessary one from the list.

Just go to ‘Tools’ tab and expand Quick Connections Switch drop-down menu. Select a store and the application will switch to it right away.

Manage Multiple Stores At One Time

Store Manager is fully equipped for the cases when you sell the same products in PrestaShop multi store and allows handling such products in a few stores at one time. For example, it is possible to import products, categories, attribute combinations etc or update their inventory in defferent shops at one time.

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