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2018-06-26 2014-07-24
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PrestaShop Database Backup and Restore

Managing online store a merchant might encounter various difficulties, including data loss or damage. In order to keep your inventory up-to-date and gain new customers you have to perform regular catalog updates, data transfers, imagery management or any other bulk modifications. These vital operations can influence overall PrestaShop database often leading to damaging or even losing data. Consequently, your foremost task is to protect your store from any possible misfortunes and keep information secure resorting to PrestaShop backup.

What Is PrestaShop Data Backup?

This procedure can be determined as copying and saving the content of your store database to SQL scripts in order to revert original data in case of an error. This procedure can provide an essential safeguard for your store data.

Reasons to Perform PrestaShop Backup?

  • it minimizes the risk of potential data losses
  • is useful if you are a novice and are not sure you can accurately proceed with bulk data management procedures
  • database contains all the information regarding your shop, what is vital for your store to work properly, so having it saved locally won’t be useful and practical

Surely, you can use backups from your hosting provider. These are general, automated backups performed periodically at definite time by hosting company. These backups are complete and include lots of information. You may roll information up in case serious damage or fail happens.

You are not obliged to accomplish massive data storage if you need database backup only. Store Manager for PrestaShop ensures quick database backup fulfilled within short span of time. PrestaShop database backup is fairly simple process when it is accomplished with Store Manager. Database storage as well as it restore can be performed via special wizard, that organizes the process into several simple steps.

What Advantages Does Store Manager Provide You With?

  • if you run more than one PrestaShop store, you can backup databases of multiple stores at once
  • it is possible to save backup configuration and load these settings for future backups. Analogically one can use saved restore settings
  • set scheduled backup tasks, automate data copying, so that it will run on predefined time without your mediation

Below in this article you can find the outline of these operations.

PrestaShop Backup Overview

  1. Start the wizard via Tools -> Database Backup/Restore

  2. Select backup action in the first window

  3. Specify name of the file, data will be stored to and select location for it

  4. The subsequent wizard window provides the list of database tables. Select the ones you want to be backed up. It is possible to mark all the tables, uncheck or check some of them. You can find the filter on the toolbar. By default there come two options: Select customer related tables and Select product related tables. Although you can create your own filters using corresponding functionality.

  5. The following window offers you two options: backup database structure only and backup files. it is obvious that if you select the first option, only structure of PrestaShop database will be backed up. If you select Backup files option, files from FTP server will be copied, what can slow down the process. Whenever you wish to use these very settings for forthcoming backups, provide the name for configuration and save settings.

  6. Once you press Backup button below in this window, data copying will begin.

    How to Automate PrestaShop Backup?

    As it has been stated above, Store Manager grants you with the possibility to set automatic backup tasks, so that they will run at predefined time.

    In order to schedule backups, proceed with these steps:

    1. Open Tools -> Automated Backup Here you can arrange scheduled PrestaShop backup
    2. If you already have data backup configuration, select it from the dropdown and click on Add Current Backup to Scheduler button on the toolbar. If you haven’t added the configuration yet, complete this task using appropriate option, disposed on the toolbar.
    3. Necessary configuration being created, you can add it to the task

      You are supposed to determine:

      • task name
      • task configuration (you can choose any other configuration from the drop-down)
      • recurrence period, namely whether it is performed daily, weekly monthly or should run once and depending on how often backups will be performed, you need to proceed with additional setting (e.g having selected monthly basis you need to indicate backup start time, day of the month it will be performed, select month/months)

      There is also the possibility to set e-mail notification after backup process ends. Check corresponding box and input e-mail, notification should be sent to.

    Need to Reconstitute Data?

    1. Launch data restore wizard in the same way you do when performing backup but select restore action
    2. Browse local folders and opt for the file data have been placed into

    3. After preview accomplish PrestaShop database recovery
    4. Protect your web store and avoid data corruption, don’t waste time and money trying to recover your data, use Store Manager for PrestaShop and flawlessly proceed with backups or restores.

      Download free trial version of Store Manager for PrestaShop at

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