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PrestaShop Multiple Stores

PrestaShop 1.5 introduced requested multi store feature and at the same time, the possibility to power multiple stores within a single PrestaShop installation. PrestaShop multi store being enabled, online merchants can build numerous storefronts and manage them efficiently from single administration area.

Why do more and more retailers find this functionality practical? It should be indicated that you can build different shops, that are selling completely different products or partially share the same products and categories, but handle them from one location without logging to admin panel for each of the websites. Accordingly, merchandise may acquire various prices within PrestaShop multi stores, that is pricing for one and the same product will differ across shops. Each of the stores may have different branding and layouts.

Anyway, to use this feature and be able to set numerous PrestaShop stores, you should proceed with certain settings

1) Activate Multi Shop Option

Procedure of configuring PrestaShop multi stores starts from enabling multi store feature. It is located in Preferences -> General of administration dashboard. Find Enable Multistore option in the list and set Yes for this field.

Enable PrestaShop Multistore

2) Add Shop Group

PrestaShop multiple stores you plan to create, will belong to certain shop group. Group will unite the websites and share some kind of data between the shops homed under it, namely customers, quantities and orders.

In order to add the group switch to Advanced Parameters -> Multistore and click on Add a new shop group in upper left corner of this page. You will be asked to specify shop group name and indicate what data will be shared between them, as pointed out above. Pay attention to warning message, notifying that after Share Customers and Share Orders options are activated, you will not be able to turn them off.

Add new PrestaShop group

As you have noticed at the screenshot, one shop group, that homes two stores already exists at PrestaShop and currently we are configuring the second one.

3) Create New Shop

Proceed to PrestaShop store creating. Click on Add a new shop option and designate shop properties in the fields. Firstly, you are supposed to name new store, figure out what group it will be assigned to, select root category, choose design and associated categories.

Add PrestaShop store

Secondly, set data transfer from other shops, if needed. Handling PrestaShop multiple stores you might need to append some info from one store to another. If you find it useful, select source store (information will be imported from) and select what exactly data will be transferred to the new store.

Import data from another PrestaShop store

Once you confirm store creating and it is added, the system will ask you to assign store URL. Complete this procedure and get necessary store created.


If you enable PrestaShop multi store option further you should indicate shop associations for some entities when managing the catalog, namely products, categories, attributes, features, manufacturers, suppliers, carriers. These can be assigned to some specific store or several stores simply by checking the ones you need.


PrestaShop multistore and multilingual notions should be differentiated. You can run a store and represent it in different languages, e.g French, German, English. This is a must-have feature in case the store is visited by shoppers from different countries and this very phenomenon is called PrestaShop multilingual store. There is no necessity to create several stores, if the same PrestaShop products should be displayed in more than one language. Contrariwise, when you want to sell different products, you should fall back upon multi store functionality. Moreover, all the stores you have can be multilingual and come in more than one language.

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