How to Configure Friendly URLs & Meta Tags in PrestaShop 1.7
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Set Up PrestaShop SEO Friendly URLs and Meta Tags

PrestaShop SEO & URLs settings provide a bunch of SEO tools that can improve SEO-performance of your website. It is important to configure them in a correct way to gain the desired effect.

In this article, you can find a quick guide on setting up PrestaShop SEO-friendly URLS and meta tags for product and category pages of your store.

What Are PrestaShop Friendly URLs And Why to Configure Them?

Simply put, a URL is the address of a web-page. By default, PrestaShop generates URLs that provide quite less information about the page. To fix that, you can enable friendly URLs feature that can help a user understand what the page is about.


  • SEO-unfriendly URL:
  • SEO-friendly URL:

Also, it is a good idea to use ID’s of categories and products in URLs. This way you can avoid link duplicates.

Note that you can enable friendly URLs only provided that your server supports URL rewriting (figure that out with your hosting provider). In other case, your website may become unavailable for users after the activation of friendly URLs.

How to Set Up PrestaShop SEO Friendly URLs?

  1. From PrestaShop dashboard go to Configure => Shop Parameters => Traffic & SEO.

  2. Configure Friendly URLs in SEO and URLs Settings

  3. In SEO & URLs tab activate the Friendly URLs feature.

  4. Activate Friendly URLs Feature

    You can also use Schema URLs settings to manage the way URLs are generated. It is possible to select a suitable pattern of link generation for a page. For instance,


    Setup Prestashop Schema of URLS

How to Set Meta Tags for Product/ Category Page?

PrestaShop allows configuring meta tags for every product or category page. You can set meta title, meta description and edit the friendly URL. Use them to provide as much as clear information about the page, this can improve your SEO positions in a huge way.

Set Meta Tags for Product and Category Page

Besides, you can preview how the page will look like in the search results after you save the changes.

In order to optimize PrestaShop SEO more globally, check other important SEO tips covered in this article: 9 Tips to Improve PrestaShop SEO.

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