Check if All of Your PrestaShop Products Have Category Assigned

How to Check if All of Your PrestaShop Products Have Category Assigned

When a client browses your site he/she would like to quickly find a targeted group of items to select the necessary one. That is why categorizing products greatly contributes to the navigation at your store, raising the chances that the client will find your products and place an order instead of getting frustrated from spending a long time looking through page after page, product after product.

Why Might Your Have Products Not Linked to Any Category?

Your products simply won’t be accessible and visible to the client if you do not assign them to any category or subcategory from your category tree. How can this happen? Just think that your supplier has provided you a huge listing with info to update your existing products as well as new arrivals. You simply haven’t noticed that some of them do not have categories indicated. After import you see the products in the back-end, but not at the front end.

How to Find Products Without Category Indicated?

Now how to check what products are left without categories? There is no need to go through the product list, opening each item to check if the category is there. To ease the task of missing relation to categories diagnosing, use Store Manager for PrestaShop. It has a very wide range of built-in and custom filters, using which it is possible to sort data on different parameters.

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Find out if you have products without categories in 3 simple steps!

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So to perform the task you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Show all products
  2. Enable Category Row in the Grid
  3. Sort Goods by Category

Step 1: Show all products

Store Manager for PrestaShop has a ready-made filter to ‘Show all grouped’. This way you will get the whole list of products available in your database. Other filters won’t suit this situation, since they will show products with categories already assigned.

Select Show all Grouped Filter in Products Grid with PrestaShop Store Manager

Step 2: Enable Category Row in the Grid

Next, enable the Category column to be shown in the product details list. For that, you need to click the small button at the corner of the columns headings. In the drop-down, you will see all the columns with information that can be shown there. Check the box in front of the Category.

Enable Category Row in Grid with PrestaShop Store Manager

Step 3: Sort Goods by Category

As soon as the category column is there, you can use it to filter products using it. Click on the ‘Category’ heading and the products will be sorted in ascending or descending order. Correspondingly, products with no values for categories at all will be shown at the beginning, or the end of the list.

Sort Products by Category with PrestaShop Store Manager

Mass Assign Products to Categories

Basically, that’s it. Now you can assign products to categories. It is possible to do that massively by selecting these products and indicating where they should be placed in the corresponding tab using the Assign Categories option

Assign Products to Categrories Massively with PrestaShop Store Manager

You can also export the received list to CSV or Excel, input categories, and import it back, applying changes in bulk.

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