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2019-04-03 2014-11-18
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Why I Cannot Create Order in PrestaShop POS?

Owners of online shops know that speed is everything when it comes to purchasing of goods. Imagine that a client is on the phone and wants to order directly from you, the transaction needs to be conducted in the shortest time period possible. If not, your client either can be frustrated from waiting or even change his/her mind to buy the item at all.

Point-of-sale functionality of Store Manager for PrestaShop provides maximum efficiency, allowing you create PrestaShop order directly from your PC. It can serve as offline cash desk – an alternative with no cash drawer, receipt printer and credit card reader. The one thing you definitely need is barcode scanner.

Despite of the fact that PrestaShop POS feature is really helpful, sometimes users either have some problems using it or do not know how to do certain operations correctly. Thus, here we have gathered the list of difficulties that our clients encountered when trying to create PrestaShop order and explanation how to solve them.

Cannot Find/Add Necessary Product, But It Exists in Database

You have inputted search request in the field, but results do not return correct product and you have complete confidence that it exists in your catalog. Most likely, you are looking in wrong fields. You can indicate where to search for matches using different parameters. To set what exactly fields to diagnose, you need to select them from the drop-down –

You can use any parameter, like name, reference, EAN code, description – basically, any parameter you see in drop-down. To choose field check the box next to it. Having barcode scanner, you need simply to scan a code and product will appear.

No Way to Change Quantity of Ordered Products

After the product is added to the future order, you might need to modify its quantity, when person is ordering more than one piece of the item. You can change quantity in several ways:

  • scan barcodes as many times as the number of products client wants to buy;
  • use buttons “+” and “-” on your keyboard to add or subtract quantity;
  • make sure that product is focused and after that press ‘Enter’ and edit qty with ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons.

Couldn’t Change Customer Details

If you have already created the PrestaShop order via point-of-sale, the system remembers the last customer selected. To change customer find the one, selecting from the drop-down or add new using corresponding button.

The buttons shown at the screen-capture below, allow you to add or modify shipping or billing details for existing client, not new one.

Drop-Downs for Payment or Shipping Methods are Inactive

This issue happens when you have not set up carriers and price ranges for them or do not have payment methods enabled.

You need to do the following:

– Go to section ‘Carriers’ and for different carriers set up price ranges.

– To log in to your PrestaShop back-office and open Modules -> Payment section. There install and enable necessary payment methods.

Not Possible to Apply Discount Coupon

If you have got issues with redeeming voucher, check if it is valid.

Go to Store Manager section: Cart Rules -> Edit cart rule. Check the status of the rule (tick box to enable), period of validity (it should be active), see if there are any restrictions.

Create PrestaShop order with no problems using Store Manager. Make Point of Sale your Point of Success!

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