PrestaShop Order Management on Several Workstations

PrestaShop Order Management on Several Workstations Returns Error

Store Manager for PrestaShop is oftentimes installed on several workstations and used by employees who are responsible for various business tasks. Having one Primary License and several Additional Licenses you can easily share the responsibilities and fulfill them via Store Manager copies.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Oftentimes users that are handling PrestaShop store from different places, report on PrestaShop order management issues. The thing is, order creation via POS results in a duplicate entry error, as is shown in the screenshot below.

Duplicate Entry Error on Post with PresaShop Store Manager

As a result, data post fails and all created orders are lost. It can really be frustrating since you need to re-create orders and input necessary details (customer info, payment method). The situation might be worse if you created the customer right from the POS system in Store Manager. In this case, you lose all customer details and the volume of work to be done increases.

Why Duplicate Entry Error Happens

If several people access one and the same store from different computers and use Bridge Connection, they are likely to face this inconvenience. When accessing the database through Bridge Connection, you are working with a local copy of the store database. Respectively, each of the administrators, that manage the store via this connection type from different places, works with their own local copy (that might be outdated).

When some of the users launch PrestaShop POS to create an order, the Store Manager reserves order ID. In case several people create PrestaShop orders on Bridge Connection simultaneously, reserved ID coincides, and posting changes to the web returns the error message.

The main reason why a duplicate entry error has been generated is already an existing value for PrestaShop order ID. Most likely another administrator has posted changes, an order with this ID has been created, and MySQL issues ‘Duplicate Entry ‘ ’ for key ‘Primary’ error.

Create New Order with POS in PrestaShop Store Manager


If your online store is handled from various locations, you’d better use a direct connection between Store Manager and PrestaShop live database on all PCs. Changes, implemented in Store Manager will immediately apply since direct connection does not require synchronization, and PrestaShop orders, inserted by all employees will be saved instantly.

Follow this link to access instructions on direct connection setup – Direct Connection to MySQL Database

We recommend to set up both direct and bridge connections within one configuration and switch between them depending on what changes you are about to implement. If you are sure that store administrators are working at the same time and make some changes, it is better to use direct connection to get them applied and not to overwrite each other’s data. Contrariwise, if you need to fulfill bulk updates and the rest of the employees are not working with the store at the moment, you can change the connection to the bridge.

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