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Massive Operations Over PrestaShop Orders

Hundreds, thousands and even millions of PrestaShop orders – this what online entrepreneur hope for starting store online. Although, when the shop is popular and the number of purchases made at your store is increasing in geometrical progression, sooner or later you will feel the need to simplify your work with orders and manage them massively.
Store Manager for PrestaShop enables you with some powerful means of performing bulk operations over PrestaShop orders that will be beneficial for every owner of prosperous store.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop you can massively filter your orders, export them and change PrestaShop order statuses. Lets review in details how to perform each mass procedure.

Filter out your PrestaShop orders

Working with huge amounts of data calls into question the necessity to sort them out in more fitting way to the store owner. It contributes greatly to overall convenience of usage and to save time on the search of necessary information.

PrestaShop orders can be filtered by time period: ready-made (today, yesterday, this week etc.) or custom period you yourself set and by order status.

Perform PrestaShop order export

With Store Manager for PrestaShop you have the chance to get visual representation of your PrestaShop orders by bringing the information to the spreadsheet via PrestaShop order export. You can export your orders to Excel or HTML and all the info will be saved locally right away or use more advanced Export Orders Wizard and select the fields with info you would like to get. Detailed tutorial on export of PrestaShop orders you can find here –


Update PrestaShop order statuses

This useful option serves good means of saving time for merchants who are carrying several dozen of sales per day then have to change PrestaShop order statuses and keep clients informed about that state of their purchase.

If you need to modify PrestaShop order statuses, firstly, select necessary orders (you can filter them out in advance and then select all). Click “Update Status” button and from the Status drop-down select the condition of the sale. Check the appropriate checkbox if you would like to notify the customers about the change of status of their orders. Notification will be made using template which can be selected either.

Please, note that after you hit OK button, all the orders that were selected will have changed statuses. This way you can “kill 2 birds with one stone”: cut down the time expended on the procedure, allocating resources to other activities and have your customers always informed by automatic emails when you change the order status.

Power yourself with advantageous opportunity to manage your PrestaShop orders en masse with Store Manager for PrestaShop. Examine more useful functionality the software is enriched with –