PrestaShop Product Import Case Study - Simplify Data Import
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Case Study: “Previously I Had to Divide PrestaShop Import File into 6 Parts and Even This Would Fail ”

When it comes to fulfilling catalog with goods, store owners expect that it would be really simple. They suppose that they can just get all information on goods from supplier and make use of PrestaShop import procedure, that is meant for speeding up the procedure of adding your goods to the store. However, there might occur unexpected difficulties you could never think of.

Sheraz Butt, CEO at Eco Keenou, realized that some of company’s needs are requirements are not met and there are some difficulties that should be omitted for efficient operation of web-site.


Sheraz Butt notes that he and his team were very frustrated because of issues connected to uploading of CSV files. He said the following:

“We had to break down a mere 1000 products into 6 CSV files and upload them individually. Even this would fail many times.”



We understand that very often store owners do not make file for upload to PrestaShop themselves, but they receive it from provider who includes information important on his/her opinion. However, these files are not always good for PrestaShop itself, since there might be missing information of data that should be separated or uploaded first.

In case you find the procedure of manual file adjusting too tedious, try our Store Manager for PrestaShop. It has minimum requirements for file to be uploaded and additionally allows to do changes on-the-fly right in the process of PrestaShop import. At this, images are uploaded directly to your FTP in correct subfolders no matter if they are local or remote ones.

Moreover, due to the fact that procedures can be run locally (with bridge type of database connection) you can faster perform them and the changes will not overload your server, as PC resources will be used rather than server ones.


After discovering Store Manager for PrestaShop, our client reported the following results:

“When we found Store Manager for Prestashop, it was simply the difference between night and day, quite literally. We can now upload 1000 products in less than 5 minutes when it used to take me well over 1 hour, not including all the failed upload attempts. This has allowed us to expand our product list which we intend to do very shortly. Store Manager allows us to change product information like quantities, price, discounts with just a couple of clicks. Its updated on the site instantly.

No more waiting for thumbnails to be created. Just upload the product images with the product info and you good to go!

I wanted to add that only only Store Manager for Prestashop a very well thought out, well built product but the customer support that goes with it is just as good. Very prompt, knowledgeable staff respond on time and go the extra mile to resolve your issues”.


We would like to say “Thank you” to Sheraz Butt, who have tried our software and found it useful and hope we will continue collaborating and growing our businesses together for years to come.

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