Store Manager for PrestaShop Or Popular Web Tools
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Why Is Store Manager for PrestaShop an Optimal Choice for Web Store Management Comparing to Popular Web Tools

PrestaShop remarkable platform gained overwhelming amount of followers all over the world, providing an infrastructure to build, populate and seamlessly manage PrestaShop store. Correspondingly, the range of solutions, developed with the aim to improve and enhance PrestaShop functionality, is continuously increasing. Raises the question: How to make a spot-on choice and obtain workable PrestaShop extension on favourable terms.

To make right decision one should have general notion on what this or that tool represents. In this article we will cover main points as to Store Manager for PrestaShop and popular web tools comparison, any PrestaShop user might be interested in.


Both, Store Manager for PrestaShop and Web Modules are being used to fuel PrestaShop admin functioning. It’s worth to point out that web tools should be installed to web-servers and are based on PHP scripts, what requires some technical skills. Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application, which should be installed on PC. It is analogous to software you are downloading from Internet – just several “Next” button-clicks and you have this PrestaShop extension installed.


Price is merely one of the most important aspects, businesspeople are concerned about while looking for PrestaShop store management tool. Average web tool, which provides maximum functionality, costs around 299€ (387$). Professional version of Store Manager for PrestaShop (full function set) is being sold on 349$ and goes in pair with Additional License. In this situation you are the winner, purchasing the software, you are saving 38$ and getting additional license, what allows to use this PrestaShop extension on one more computer. This is exceptionally convenient, as you can use application at work or at home and control PrestaShop store anytime.

Technical Support

Not infrequently, web store owners are in need of consultation, as to PrestaShop extension functionality, be it Store Manager application or any popular Web Tool. Abundance of questions can appear after one has started to use new tool. Experienced and qualified Technical Support should always be ready to answer any inquiry and assist with any task.

Store Manager for PrestaShop team provides unlimited clients support. What’s more, we are always ready to give prompt advice to businessmen, who have already purchased the application, as well as potential Store Manager users, including those who use trial versions or simply are interested in Store Manager functionality. On contrary, average Web Tool developer offers 6-month client support only via e-mail. Store Manager Support Team provides e-mail, live chat as well as phone support.


Any PrestaShop extension developed should fall under improvements, as shopping cart itself is being constantly updated. If you purchase Store Manager for PrestaShop application, you automatically get free 12-month updates. What to do after this period has finished and you want to update the program? You are free to buy further updates, but prices vary. As for example, you want to extend updates for 1 year, you need to pay about 400$, if you are Web tool user OR 149$ – if you prefer Store Manager for PrestaShop solution. Price difference is considerable, isn’t it? Moreover, Store Manager for PrestaShop is being constantly improved and endowed with new features for users convenience – new versions are being released regularly 1-2 times a month.

Analyzing above covered points, you can decide what instrument to rely on, while running PrestaShop store. Although, we can make a conclusion, that Store Manager application is more approachable in installation and cheaper in price. Store Manager for PrestaShop team provides web merchants with constant support and regular software updates. Find software here –

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