Cannot Select Delivery/ Payment Method Creating Order via POS
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Cannot Select Delivery/ Payment Method Creating PrestaShop Order via POS

Point of Sale feature of Store Manager for PrestaShop is really helpful in creating orders, as it makes it possible to bring offline cash register to your store. Using it there is no need to find products manually and spend too much time on order details filling. Just scan barcode of product, make a few operations using hotkeys and the order will be ready. This functionality widens your possibilities, since orders accepted by sales department or at your physical store can be added to your database within a few seconds.

Many users find PrestaShop POS functionality extremely useful, but we have noticed that sometimes they have difficulties with selection of PrestaShop payment method or delivery methods. We have selected 3 most common requests and offer ways to quickly solve them.

Payment/Delivery Methods Dropdowns are not Active

Using Point of Sale system, after you have selected product(s) and assigned client to the order, next you need to select delivery and payment method. Though, you see that some values are inputted by default or simply empty and you cannot change it by clicking on payment/delivery name.

Do not worry, there is simply one thing you need to do first.

Before modifying the details, you need to press ‘Edit’ button to proceed with adjusting of this section.

After that you will see dropdowns using which you can select necessary options.

Delivery Method Does Not Show All the Carriers

Imagine that you have multiple carriers, but when you are in need of selecting the necessary one, you might not see it in the drop-down in POS. Are there any additional settings or actions necessary? Yes, but not in POS itself, but in Carriers section.

For the carriers to be visible and available for selection while creating orders, they need to have price ranges indicated. If you have some specific delivery parameters, for example, some carriers deliver only smaller items and others specialize on more expensive ones, you can indicate it.

Summing up, your carriers should have price ranges indicated in order to be possible to select them in POS, while creating order.

Cannot Select Needed PrestaShop Payment Method

If you have faced the similar situation, but with PrestaShop Payment method, you need to check what payment modules you have installed and activated in the back-office of your store.

For that log in to your administration panel, open Modules – Payment section and see what exactly payment possibilities you have. Enable those you need.

Please note, in case you have more than one shop, you must configure payment methods for each of them separately.

If you’re an online retailer with a physical store or have staff taking orders over phone, Store Manager’s Point of Sale system will help you carry out orders for both online and brick-and-mortar shop, keeping all financial data integrated into a single system.

Hope that the hints provided in the article will make your work much more efficient and simple.

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