How to write a perfect ChatGPT prompt for PrestaShop
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How to Write a Perfect ChatGPT Prompt for PrestaShop Products, 8 Things You Should Include or Check

When it comes to managing your PrestaShop store efficiently, using tools like Store Manager for PrestaShop with ChatGPT, it is vitally important to write a good prompt. Here you can find tips and tricks on how to write a perfect prompt for your specific case to maximize the potential of AI tools for your business. Let’s dive into the essentials of creating a good prompt for writing product descriptions, meta data, or any other PrestaShop fields.

So, to create the perfect PrestaShop ChatGPT prompt you need to include or check the following 8 statements:

  1. Request to ignore all the previous instructions
  2. Specify a language for the response
  3. Specify who is writing this text (author skills)
  4. Make sure the text is easy to read and understand
  5. Add technical details and structure of the generated text like length, lists, subheadings, etc
  6. Specify if you would like a response in plain text or HTML
  7. Make sure to include PrestaShop fields that you would like to be used
  8. Add specific information that would fit your specific case

Find detailed instructions of the above recommendations along with examples in the article below.

Also here you can find more useful information that will help you create your perfect ChatGPT prompt:

Have more ideas on how to make your prompt perfect or need any assistance with your specific case? Leave a comment below or contact us via live chat or email and we’ll gladly assist you free of charge.

Looking for Prompt samples. Visit our article that offers PrestaShop ChatGPT PromptBook samples to find a list of sample PrestaShop Prompts that you can use to generate your perfect ChatGPT prompt and automate content generation tasks.

What You Need to Check to Make Perfect ChatGPT Prompt for PrestaShop Products

Disclaimer! Do not use Prompts as is without checking and/or modifying per your needs. It is a good idea to use your prompt with one or few products to make sure that your ChatGPT prompt is perfect, or use a web version of ChatGPT to validate your prompt before you proceed with mass actions. This will help you avoid incorrect, incomplete, or wrong formatted texts from being generated. Most prompts should be adjusted per your specific needs to get the perfect results. Also it is recommended to check all ChatGPT responses (generated texts) before applying them to your live site. eMagicOne does not charge or get any commission for ChatGPT and is not in charge of any text discrepancies. For more questions about payments or incorrect charges, please contact OpenAI directly.

Here’s a list of recommendations from our team that will help you create your perfect prompt:

1. Request to Ignore All the Previous Instructions

ChatGPT might keep previous discussion “in mind” when replying to you, so it is a good idea to Clear its cache each time you run any prompt. For that you can add the following text to each of your prompts:

Please ignore all the previous instructions.

If you want to keep the context, do not use the above recommendation in your prompt.

2. Specify a Language for the Response

In most cases ChatGPT will reply you using the language that you’re using to write the prompt, but it is better to specify the language of the response to make sure it is used correctly. It is especially important for the prompts that are used for translation. Here’s an example of how you can specify the language of your response.

Please respond only in the English language only.

3. Specify Who is Writing this Text and Who Will be Reading this Text

Make sure you’re indicating who is writing the text. If you use words like professional copywriter or translator, it will make your generated texts more accurate.

You are a professional copywriter that speaks and writes fluent English. You are an expert in content creation and can write texts in fluent English.

4. Make Sure the Text is Easy to Read and Understand

Also add phrases like: “The text should be easy to read and understand.” It will help make the text more specific, clear and easy to read. Also it might be helpful to ask to avoid complicated language and/or jargon

Product descriptions should be easy to read and understand. It should be at least 500 words, no duplicates, use handy expressions. Avoid jargon and complicated language.

5. Add Technical Details and Structure of the Generated Text Like Length, Lists, Dubheadings, etc.

Specify if the text should be long, short or contain up to a specific number of worlds or characters. For example meta description has a limitations of 160 characters long, so an example of the prompt would be:

The meta description should be an engaging and maximum of 160 characters long

For product description, it can be something like:

It should be at least 500 words, no duplicates, use handy expressions.

Also specify if you need any subheadings, if you need any lists or any other technical details about your text. For example, adding a catchy headline that will include for example product name might help your seo.

Finally, make sure that ChatGPT do not include any information that the text is generated by ChatGPT or duplicates your Prompt in the response. This way you will get less duplicates and avoid technical text from ChatGPT explaining his actions.

Do not repeat yourself. Do not self reference. Do not explain what you are doing.

6. Specify if You Would Like a Response in Plain Text or HTML

For some fields it is a good idea to use HTML. In this case you should include in your prompt:

Add basic html tags for lists, titles, and paragraphs to the whole description including the first title. The first title should be H2, do not use the H1 html tag.

7. Make Sure to Include PrestaShop Fields that You Would Like to be Used

For example you can create an engaging product description based on product name, features, and attributes. Make sure to include all fields using Macros. You can find the list of macros when creating a prompt. For example:

Generate a product name based on product brand "[PRODUCT_BRAND]", product reference "[PRODUCT_FIELD(reference)]". In your response, provide a product name only.

8. Add Specific Information that Would Fit Your Specific Case

For example for product description it is good to include prompt details like:

Also use power words like Amazing, Instant, Exclusive. Add a catchy headline for features and benefits and add product name "[PRODUCT_LANG_FIELD(name)]" to the headline. Highlight benefits and explain the advanced features of the "[PRODUCT_LANG_FIELD(name)]" in everyday language that a novice would understand. Generate a compelling section of the description that communicates the limited availability and high demand of the product. Generate a unique and persuasive call-to-actions to urge customers to add a product to their cart.

Looking for more Prompt samples? Visit our article that offers PrestaShop ChatGPT Prompt samples free of charge that you may benefit from.

Best Practices for PrestaShop Product Prompts

Here are key points to consider when generating product details:

  • Product Name: Insert Product Name
  • Category: Insert Product Category
  • Key Features: [List 3-5 key features or benefits]
  • Tone: Casual/Professional/Informative
  • Length: Short/Approximate word and or symbol count
  • Additional Instructions: Any specific preferences or details to include. see above for more recommendations.

A perfect prompt should provide a clear structure ensuring the generated text remains concise and relevant to your products and your customer needs.

Important! It is required to test any prompt before applying it massively to make sure you get the perfect result.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop you can generate or translate texts with ChatGPT for the following product fields:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Short Description
  • Product Meta Title
  • Product Meta Keywords
  • Product Meta Description

Also you can generate data based on the following PrestaShop fields (Macros):

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Short Description
  • Product Meta Title
  • Product Meta Keywords
  • Product Meta Description
  • Product Features
  • Product Brand
  • Product Attributes
  • All other fields from products and product_lang tables

You can choose among fields available in context menu – Macro – Select field – Select language. Macros are fields that can be included in your prompt, where the value will be taken from. So the macros Product Description – English Language will input the Product Description value that you currently have into the prompt and replace the Macros.

PrestaShop ChatGPT macros select product fields

When you insert the Macros from the list, it will look this way, where the name of the field, and the language should be included.


Find more PrestaShop ChatGPT samples prompts in our PromptBook.

Best Practices for Category Prompt

If your customers land on Category pages from Google or from ad campaigns, it is a good idea to optimize them manually with a copywriter. In case you have hundreds or thousands of categories and most of them do not contain description, it is a good idea to generate one to avoid having multiple pages with low text ratio. For that a good Prompt would be a hand.

Here are key points to consider when generating Category Description:

  • Category Name: Clearly state the name of the product category. Mention it in subheadings, first sentence.
  • Description Length: Specify the desired length of the description (e.g., 100-150 words).
  • Key Features: Highlight 3-5 key features or attributes that define the category products if any.
  • Tone and Style: Indicate the desired tone and style for the description (e.g., professional, engaging, informative).
  • SEO Keywords: Include relevant keywords or phrases to optimize the description for search engines.
  • Additional Instructions: Include any specific preferences or details to be incorporated into the description.
  • Also it is nice to add some specific delivery details, vendor/manufacturer details, usage limitations if any. This will make your category page more informative.

Important! Category prompts are not available in public release yet. Contact us to submit your specific request.

Best Practices for PrestaShop CMS Prompt

This feature will be available in the next versions of Store Manager for PrestaShop. Drop us a line via [email protected] to send your specific scenario, to make sure we implement it for you.

Overall it is a good idea to be very specific when generating texts with ChatGPT. Also it is a good idea to use generated texts along with human-written texts, this way you will be able to enrich your texts and make sure that the text is not detected by tools as AI-generated.

Need any other assistance with Prompts or add any other fields? Contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

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