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PrestaShop Infographics

Why you may need to use PrestaShop Infographics?

Infographics, Mind Maps and other graphical representation of the information allow to find answers on most annoying questions without having to browse through documentation, huge number of articles or track release logs for new features and options. In most cases, information presented graphically is more approachable and comprehensible. It helps you make the right choice easier or find the best way out of some definite situation. Mind Maps and Infographics are based on real situations, describe the ways that other people have already passed, allowing you to avoid mistakes, time or data loss.

7 Tips for Easy PrestaShop Import

7 Tips for Easy PrestaShop Import

PrestaShop import is the procedure that saves you many hours and tons of efforts that you could spend on the procedures of renewing existing information and inputting new items. It is more mechanized way of changes entry, so using it you deprive yourself from additional work done. Though, this scenario concerns only the situation when everything goes smoothly and correctly. Otherwise, your work connected to store management will be doubled.

Before you begin PrestaShop import .csv procedure, you might want to read some useful tutorials and watch videos. Here are a few hints gathered in in one infographic.

Daily to Yearly Webstore Management Tasks for Each PrestaShop Owner

Daily to Yearly PrestaShop Management Tasks

The overall success of your online store directly depends on how well you manage it. Working schedule planned beforehand will help you to be better organized and miss out nothing. Having a plan, forces you to think through various things: from marketing to finances and competitor analysis. Not sure where to start? Check infopraphic with actions you should be taking in order to monitor your PrestaShop on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.