Frequently Asked Questions - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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Frequently Asked Questions

No Reply from eMagicOne? Why haven’t I received any e-mails and responses from eMagicOne?

If you haven’t received order confirmation e-mail or our replies to your requests:

  • Check your Spam Folder
  • Give us 24 hours to reply you back. Please check our Service Level Agreement for details.
  • Make sure that you have e-mailed us at: [email protected]
  • If you/your ISP use any spam protection, make sure that you have added the e-mail to the white list or that our server was not blocked. Please contact your ISP to assist you.

You have checked all the above and still cannot see why you do not receive our e-mails?

  • Please try to contact us using any other e-mail (gmail, yahoo, or any other public mail box).
  • Contact us with the query via live chat at to get it resolved (please check our operation hours to make sure that support engineer is online now)

In order not to miss the response from us, please add the following emails: [email protected] to your Address Book.