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PrestaShop expression development service covers one expression formula (custom import rule) that can be used for modifications during product import or product update from CSV, XLS, or XML file and is provided by a technical engineer from eMagicOne company.

When you might need to use the expression rule in your work?

  • Fill in missing information or change present data on the basis of some logical rules
  • Add, modify, replace, delete, divide, multiply values of your file or which already exist in database
  • Change stock availability, depending on product quantity using IF condition (or several conditions)
  • Set stock notifications, depending on product quantity
  • Update product price (e.g to increase price by percentage)
  • Modify text fields, such as short description or meta tags in bulk
  • Merge file columns
  • Search for product SKU duplicates
  • Set mark-up or increase the value indicated in the file/database