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Store Manager for PrestaShop v. – Product Search by Features, Specific Price Column in Grid, Scheduled Export to eBay, Scheduled Product Update on eBay

Great news for PrestaShop Store Manager users. New version of Store Manager for PrestaShop has just been released and is available for download.

We are pleased to present Store Manager for PrestaShop v. and provide the list of enhancements this version delivers.

Improvements: Product Search by Features, Source Fields for Modifiers in Mass Combination Changer

  1. Product search (and further filter creation) by PrestaShop feature value has been added in this release of Store Manager for PrestaShop.

  2. Source fields have been added to ‘Price’ and ‘Wholesale Price’ modifiers in Mass Combination Changer.

  3. ‘Impact_price_unit’ field has been added to combination edit window.

  4. ‘Specific’ column has been added to product grid. It’ll indicate whether specific price is assigned to products and open respective tab in the lower grid.

  5. For Cloud-based stores:’Get data from web before task execution’ and ‘The task being executed, post changes to web’ options have been added to Store Manager schedulers.

  6. PrestaShop tags imported/exported with Store Manager for PrestaShop are case sensitive.
  7. Custom reports have been redesigned for PrestaShop version 1.5 and higher.

Extend Store Manager for PrestaShop Update Period to Get the Latest Version

Extend Updates


  • If the file PrestaShop user exports data to is opened in another program, the following message will display: ‘Can’t create file ‘file_name’. The program can not access the file because it is being used by another process. Please close the file and click ‘Try again’ button’.
  • Default combination is now imported correctly to multiple PrestaShop stores.
  • E-mail notifications can now be sent to more than 64 addresses simultaneously.
  • In case product has several suppliers assigned and reference is specified for each, main supplier reference will be displayed in product grid.
  • PrestaShop tags can now be managed with Mass Product Changer.
  • Now context menu will not reopen when Select All option is clicked.
  • Product tags are now removed properly.
  • Now categories can easily be added to CMS via Store Manager for PrestaShop.
  • ‘Clear Product Data’ option now removes details for products within shops/shop groups.
  • In case 1 value is indicated in ‘Deleted field for tax rule’ database field, this tax rule will not be available for assign.
  • Product feature import (when Multiple Feature Module is installed) has been improved.
  • Created via Store Manager for PrestaShop CMS page is now displayed properly at storefront.
  • Full payment method name will display in Store Manager for PrestaShop POS.
  • HTTP / 1.1.406 Not Acceptable error occurred during data post (on bridge connection). The issue has been fixed and data post performs correctly now.

eBay Integration Addon:

  1. Scheduled product export to eBay feature has been added in this release of eBay Integration addon.

  2. eBay product updates can be scheduled now, what allows to synchronize product quantity and price at predefined time.
  3. Some changes, connected with configurations and scheduled tasks, have been implemented to addon interface.

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