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7 Tips for Easy PrestaShop Import

PrestaShop import is the procedure that saves you many hours and tons of efforts that you could spend on the procedures of renewing existing information and inputting new items. It is more mechanized way of changes entry, so using it you deprive yourself from additional work done. Though, this scenario concerns only the situation when everything goes smoothly and correctly. Otherwise, your work connected to store management will be doubled.

Before you begin PrestaShop import .csv procedure, you might want to read some useful tutorials and watch videos, but the pledge of success mostly depends on careful workaround of import file.

Here are tips and hints concerning preparation and carrying out of import procedure itself.

So, here are those steps

  • Export your sample from BackOffice to get a sample file to compare or generate your import file from.
  • Pay attention to field headings. They should match to your import file. So if you have your own file, please check it with the file that you’ve just exported if all required columns fit and rename headings if needed.
  • Make sure that your file has correct separator included. For this, open your file and the file that you’ve just exported in notepad. You’ll see that values are separated with comma or semicolon or tab. To use same as the file from your admin, open the file in OpenOffice and save it using SaveAs option in .csv format and specify the separator you need.
  • Check if all data is in the file. Some required columns may case errors once you run import.
  • For multi-langual product make sure that you have all languages in appropriate columns to be assigned correctly. One language – one column.
  • To import large amount of images, increase your server memory limit to let’s say 256MB not to face blank page in your admin.

To avoid all the above errors, try PrestaShop Import tool to adjust your file on the fly!

Free 30-day trial version is here – https://www.prestashopmanager.com/free-download/