The Role of Dropshipping in your PrestaShop Business
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What Is the Role of Drop Shipping for Your PrestaShop Business?

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No one will deny the fact that eCommerce is developing in leaps and bounds nowadays, generating higher growth rates and leaving behind traditional brick and mortar business. So, if you are already running PrestaShop website or plan to commence it on, you must look for an easy way to get into eCommerce arena and ensure astounding business performance.

PrestaShop drop shipping process can be defined as one of the ways you can use to make your business more profitable and less risky. Actually, drop ship is a business model that foresees shipping goods from the warehouse to clientele, bypassing retailer mediation.

It means, the retailer processing an order does indirectly deals with its shipment. Once a customer has made a purchase and you have got delivery information, you can simply e-mail the supplier – cooperator that fulfills a drop ship to provide order details. Drop shipper is responsible for ordered product packing and delivery.

PrestaShop drop ship endows you with full scope of avails. It’s not suffice to say only that you do not need to physically see, wrap and bring ordered item to a customer. First and foremost thing is that you can make your business more profitable, taking less efforts, as huge amount of work will be done by your partners. What’s more attractive, you do not need to spend long and laborious hours to track and maintain product inventory. Dropshippers store products and manage their quantity levels.

Drop shipping is an apt way to entice more customers, as you can offer wider array of products. As you are not bound to inventory and do not need to heavily invest in inventory, you can expand PrestaShop products assortment or experiment with new entities – offer abundance of items to your customers and more options to choose between, what will ensure better customer experience.

Although drop ship is an advantageous and promising way to enlarge your business, and the role of reliable drop shipper can’t be overestimated. There is great variety of drop shipping companies nowadays that are waiting to do business with you. Doba, fast growing drop shipping company, has become the leader in product sourcing that gains increasing number of members nowadays. It gives access to immense number of products and represents more than 3,000 brands.

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To significantly simplify integration with Doba drop shipper and make it flawless you have to obtain robust Doba Drop Shipper Addon for PrestaShop Store Manager. It is an alternative medium that allows to instantaneously synchronize products and inventory with Doba – update product price, quantity, stock, import product lists from Doba, export orders that have been made at your store to Doba or proceed with order payment.

This tool can not be used as stand-alone product – it operates only in combination with Store Manager. To set direct contact to Doba drop shipper you need to register built-in addon with separate license key. Here you can find details on Doba Integration functionality –

Starting from Store Manager for PrestaShop v., Doba Dropshipper Integration addon is not available for sale and is excluded from the main application, since we have stopped its active development.

Cooperating with PrestaShop drop shipper is a great way to commence on or grow your business. It saves time spent on products shipping and inventory handling, cuts expenditures and releases you from the other hassles related to delivery. Make valuable asset to your business with Store Manager for PrestaShop and Doba Drop Shipper Integration addon – easily integrate with Doba drop shipper to develop your site off the ground.

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