Quickbooks Online Integration Addon Is Available
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Quickbooks Online Integration Addon Is Available

eMagicOne team is happy to announce the launch of QuickBooks Online Integration addon for PrestaShop Store Manager which is already available for purchase.

The tool can give you limitless possibilities of PrestaShop web-store management making a huge contribution to its speed and flexibility. No additional QuickBooks installations are required anymore.

What Benefits QuickBooks Online Integration Addon Can Give You?

Unlimited Access

Access and manage your accounting data in online mode from any device with Store Manager installed on it.

Full Synchronization

Flawlessly integrate your PrestaShop database and QuickBooks accounting package.

Export From PrestaShop to QuickBooks

  • Products
  • Orders (including taxes, customer options, product options, discounts and shipping details)

Import Products From QuickBooks to PrestaShop

  • Create new products
  • Update inventory, prices, product names, product descriptions
  • Perform custom update of certain product data

Manage Sales Data

  • Create customers
  • Create product items

No Duplicates

Map PrestaShop products and customers with Quickbooks data during the export process to prevent duplication.

Advanced Filters

Use detailed product, customer and order filters to conveniently select the items to be exported or imported.

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