How to Create Coupons in PrestaShop 1.7 - Tutorial
2019-04-09 2019-01-18
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How to Create PrestaShop Coupons

Offering discounts is a popular tool in attracting more customers or keeping your loyal clients by your side. In this article we will provide you with a guide on creating PrestaShop discounts from the back-end office and via Store Manager application.

How to Create a Coupon Coupon in PrestaShop 1.7?

  1. Go to Catalog => Discounts and press ‘Add new cart rule’ button. Here you will find three tabs containing the settings to be configured.

  2. Information tab

  3. Type the name of the discount that will be displayed for shoppers (for example, Christmas sale).
  4. Add some description.
  5. Add a coupon code by inputting it into the field or by pressing ‘Generate’ button.
  6. If you want the voucher to be displayed in the cart summary, enable ‘Highlight’ option.

  7. Conditions tab

    Here you can configure its expiration date, minimum amount, number of available coupons and limit of times the voucher can be used.

    Besides, you can set the following conditions:

    • Put restrictions on specific countries
    • Select carriers
    • Select particular customer groups who will be able to use the discount
    • Select products to be discounted
    • Select shops

    Actions tab

    Setting up cart rule actions is required for the cart rule to be saved.

    What actions you can set up:

    • Enable free shipping
    • Set the discount as percentage or amount
    • Set the discount to be applied to an order or to a specific product
    • Exclude already discounted products
    • Send a free gift

  8. When all configurations are done, tap ‘Save’ to save the created cart rule.

How to Create PrestaShop Discounts Via Store Manager?

Store Manager application provides the maximum flexibility of PrestaShop coupon generation due to the possibility to configure the discounts in deep details.

  1. Go to ‘Administration’ tab => Cart Rules.

  2. Press ‘Add new rule’ button and input the name of the discount.

  3. There are four tabs to be filled out.
  4. Information tab:

    Code – specify the coupon code or generate random code.

    Description – type the description of the discount.

    Highlight – after checking this box your customers will be notified about the discount in the cart summary.

    Partial use – this option allows using the discount more than one time if the order total is less than the coupon amount. In such case, another coupon code will be generated.

    Priority – specify the priority of the discount in case there are other ones.

    Status – by checking the box you will enable the discount.

    Conditions tab:

    Limit to a single customer – use the drop-down to select the only customer who will be able to use the coupon

    Valid from – select the date range during which the discount will be available

    Minimum amount – specify the minimum amount of the order for the coupon to be available

    Total available – specify the total number of times the coupon can be used

    Total available for each user – set how many times the coupon can be applied by each customer.

    Restrictions tab

    Use these settings to enable the discount for particular countries, customer groups, carriers, shops and ro configure the compatibility with other rules.

    Actions tab

    Free shipping – check to enable free shipping

    Apply a discount – select the type of discount and specify its size

  5. In order to save the discount, press OK.

How to Export PrestaShop Coupons?

Store Manager provides the possibility to quickly export the list of created PrestaShop coupons to Excel or HTML for analytics or other purposes. To accomplish that, press on ‘Export’ button and select suitable format.

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