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2022-07-21 2019-11-13
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How to Export PrestaShop Orders to Google Spreadsheets

When you need to analyze order information over a set period of time, it is convenient to export data to Excel or Google Sheets. Here you can apply various filters, make reports, print the file etc. In this article, we will show you how to export orders to Google Sheets with Store Manager PrestaShop

Major steps in the process of PrestaShop Orders Export To Google Spreadsheets

An Export Wizard in Store Manager will help you to perform PrestaShop Orders Export to Google SpreadSheets step by step. Begin with opening the “Tools” tab In Store Manager and launching “Import/Export Orders” Wizard.

Important note: if you want to export selected orders apply the filter before the export.
Import Export Wizard in PrestaShop Store Manager

1. Launch the import/export orders Wizard and select Export

In the Wizard window choose “Export” from the list, and you will be automatically redirected to the next step:

Export PrestaShop Products to Google Sheets with Store Manager

2. Connect Store Manager to your Google account and select the file you want to export data to

On the second step, the Wizard will ask you where you want to export data to. Select “Google spreadSheet” from the list. Then press “Add account” link, enter cloud storage name and press OK:

Select Location for Exported File in Import/Export Wizard

You will be redirected to the Google Authorization window. Sign in to your account where you want to export orders to:

Authenticate New Account via Browser Notification

Сonfirm that you grant Store Manager addon access to your account clicking “Allow”:

Sign in with Google at Browser

Finally, review your choices and click “Allow”:

Verify and Confirm Granted Permissions

After that you will be redirected back to the Store Manager Export Wizard. Now you should choose a Google Sheet file from the connected Google Drive by clicking the Browse button:

Select the File at Your Cloud for Orders Export

You will see a list of files on your Google Drive. Choose an existing file or create a new one by clicking green plus pictogram:

Select the File at Your Drive for PrestaShop Orders Export

After selection, you will get back to the Export Orders Wizard. Now specify whether you want to replace values in the sheet, append values to sheet or insert new sheet. And press “Next” to proceed with export:
Options to Export PrestaShop Orders to Google Spreadsheet with Store Manager

3. Specify export options

If you need to export selected orders and you filtered them before export, switch to “Only selected orders” option. Need to export full order history – then leave “All orders” button switched on. Press “Next” to proceed to the next step:

Select Orders for Export with Store Manager

4. Select field delimiters and quote characters

We recommend to keep default values if you’re not sure which characters to use:

Select Fields Delimiters and Quote Character During Orers Export with Store Manager

5. Select fields to be exported

Use green arrows to add necessary fields to the exported file. Use “Filter” to find fields by their names. When you are done hit “Export” button to launch the process:

Select Fields to be Exported with PrestaShop Store Manager

6. Review the output file and finish export

On the final step, the Wizard will offer you to copy url to clipboard or open export file. Review the data in the file and press “Finish” to close the window.

Finish Step for PrestaShop Orders Export with Store Manager

Now you know how easy it is to perform PrestaShop order export with Store Manager.

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