Store Manager for PrestaShop: Installation, Registration, Setup
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Store Manager for PrestaShop: Installation, Registration, Setup

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a user-friendly and easy-to-use desktop application that can help you enhance and speed up your PrestaShop web shop performance. It provides online merchants with an arsenal of instruments necessary for convenient and effective business management. In order to take advantage of this solution, you need to start with PrestaShop Store Manager Setup. Below in this article you will find instructions on how to install the program and start operating with it.

Store Manager software is approachable in installation and feasible in running. First of all you need to order Store Manager license key. Software download link and license key will be sent via e-mail. Download the application from the link sent via e-mail.

PrestaShop Store Manager Setup

Having downloaded the program, proceed with its installation. Store Manager Setup Wizard will guide you through standard steps of software installation. You can choose between Quick installation and Custom installation. In case you prefer Custom installation you should go through the following steps:

Store Manager Setup Wizard

  • License Agreement accepting
  • Destination Location specifying (indicate the folder Store Manager will be installed in)
  • Designating components that should be installed (full installation, compact installation, custom installation)
  • Start Menu folder indicating (program shortcut will be created in)
  • Additional Tasks selecting

Having chosen Quick installation you need to accept License Agreement and start installing pressing Install button.

Store Manager Registration

Once you are done with installation, you need to register application with License Key you were provided via e-mail. Input license number in Registration window.

Register PrestaShop Store Manager with Your License Key

Store Manager licensing presumes that you are allowed to install, register and use only one copy of the software per license. Having purchased full version of Store Manager you get one Primary License, that can be used on one computer only. Whenever you need to use the program on other computers you can order Additional Licenses at reduced price. In case you face some issues with the registration, check the following articles:

Setting Up Connection to Store Database

Having installed and registered the application, you have to set up connection to database you will work with. To accomplish it you need to designate connection settings. After this you can work with your live store. Whenever you want to explore the program’s features and functional capabilities you may work with temporary default Embedded database and sample data.

To connect to your live store you must configure settings in corresponding tab (Database Connection) of Preferences form. To call up Preferences press F12 or go to Settings -> Preferences -> Database connection tab to proceed with setup. The easiest way is to use Connection Wizard – it allows to setup connection automatically. Please check the following steps

  • You can find “Connection Wizard” button at Preferences

  • Setup Connection with Your PrestaShop Store Using Connection Wizard

  • Add a new configuration of the store by pressing “Create New Store Connection”

  • Create New Store Connection with Connection Wizard in Store Manager

  • Verify your store URL at this step

  • Specify Your Store Url at First Step of Import Wizard in PrestaShop Store Manager

  • Setup database connection. There are three types of connection accessible:
    • Direct connection to PrestaShop store database;
    • PHP-MySQL bridge connection;
    • Bridge Connector module.

    Select Connection Type that You Want to Configure with Store Manager

  • Direct Connection to Remote Database

  • Direct Connection – the type of connection that connects to the store’s database directly. If you choose this type of connection, the wizard will proceed with the next steps.

    You can use Connection Wizard to configure direct connection to your remote database. Pease follow few steps:

    • FTP Settings On this step you should fill in the following fields:
    • Server address. Usually it is your website name, like “” (do not include the https://www. prefix); you may use IP address as well.
    • Username (login), Password. Specify your FTP username and password. Please make sure that specified user has all privileges and can view, edit or create files in your shopping cart folder.
    • Store root directory. This is the catalog that contains the files of your store (shopping cart) that you can find/see via FTP. Click the browse button to select your shopping cart root folder. To make sure that you selected the correct folder, check if there are admin and images folders, as well as all other files and folders of your shopping cart inside.

    FTP Settings Step at Connection Wizard

    Click the Test FTP connection button and if you receive the message “FTP was connected successfully”, proceed with the connection setup by clicking Next.

  • Database Host and Port
  • On this page you have to specify Host address and Port, then press Next to proceed.

    Database Host and Port Step of Connection Wizard

  • Database Login
  • Then, you shoud configure database user and password. Test Database Login and, if everthing’s ok, press Next to go to the next step.

    Database Login Step of Connection Wizard

  • Database Name
  • On this step you have to select a database. Fill in the name of the database or select one from the available. Press Next to proceed.

    Database Name Step of Connection Wizard

  • Finish
  • After a connection is established, you will see the summary of connection settings. Press Finish to close the wizard.

    Finish Step of Connection Wizard

    Detailed information and instructions on how to set up each of connections mentioned manually or with the help of Wizard can be found here – Quick Start Guide, How to Connect to Store Manager for PrestaShop Easily And Swiftly

    Having accomplished PrestaShop Store Manager Setup and arranged settings described above, you may proceed with store data management and successfully develop your web site.

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