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Export PrestaShop Orders Automatically

PrestaShop Automated Orders Export by eMagicOne

For the PrestaShop store owners, order management may include a number of tasks. One of such tasks is automatic PrestaShop order export to the FTP, Google SpreadSheets or local PC.

You might need to set up scheduled orders export from PrestaShop for several reasons:

  • connect PrestaShop to third-party systems and services like an ERP or accounting software;
  • provide fresh order info to your supplier (for instance, if you are a dropshipper);
  • transmit data to your accountant;
  • analyze order data and other.

For all the tasks like these, Store Manager for PrestaShop offers an effective solution. The option is called “Automated orders export”.

How to Configure Scheduled Prestashop Orders Export for Various Needs

Depending on the purpose, you may need to set up different configurations of the export. For instance, if you are a dropshipper, your supplier may require access to the order info via FTP or Google spreadsheets. Besides, different suppliers may need different order details.

That’s why Store Manager for PrestaShop offers flexible order export settings:

  • filter – export all or new orders (choose date) from Prestashop;
  • schedule export – set up the frequency and download orders within certain intervals (hours, days, weeks);
  • choose destination – export orders to the local folder on your computer, Google spreadsheets or FTP server;
  • fields – choose which order details you want to export (all or specific like invoice company, product, associated products codes (description and EAN), carrier, etc);
  • choose delimiters and separators;
  • export in a CSV format.

How to Set Up Automatic Sending of PrestaShop Orders With Store Manager

Open Store Manager, select Addons > Automated Export. After that, choose Automated Order Export in the drop-down list. Now let’s create the first export configuration.

1. Create order export configuration

The Wizard will guide you through the process step by step.

Specify location to save file to: local drive on your PC, Google spreadsheets, or FTP. On this step, you can also load a configuration you’ve created earlier:

Create Export Configuration by eMagicOne

Export Options – specify what orders you want to export: all, selected ones or filtered by certain period of time:

Export Configuration by eMagicOne Export Options

Select fields delimiter and quote character:

Export Configuration by eMagicOne set delimeters

Now select the fields that will be exported. You can add them manually one by one, add a group (order info, customer info, order details, carrier info etc) or select all fields at once:
Fields to Export Prestashop Orders by eMagicOne

Finish – on this step you can give the configuration a meaningful name (for example, your supplier’s name if you create export configurations to export orders for different suppliers).

Press the “Save” button at the bottom to save export configuration:

Export Configuration by eMagicOne Save configuration

2. Add the export to the Scheduler

Now let’s set the time when order export will start. On the toolbar, click “Add current Export to Scheduler”. The window with the options will open. Here you can specify the schedule of the future exports: monthly, weekly, daily. You can also set the exact time of export and whether you want to repeat the task within the specified interval:

Add Automated Export task to Scheduler by eMagicOne

3. View the Scheduled export

To see the exports that are planned press “Show scheduled tacks”:

Show Scheduled tasks by eMagicOne

In this section you will see the list of scheduled exports. Use the options in the toolbar to disable or enable export, run export immediately, delete and other:

Run Automated Orders Export by eMagicOne

4. View complete export and open exported file

After the first scheduled export is executed the information about it will appear in the list. To see the last exported file click the Folder or Document icon:

Result of Automated Orders Export Task Execution by eMagicOne

Now you know how to set up automatic PrestaShop orders export and use options to create different order export configurations for various needs.

Export PrestaShop Orders Automatically

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