Detect PrestaShop Image Issues with Store Diagnostics

Keep Your PrestaShop Images under Control with Store Diagnostics

“There occurred the issue uploading PrestaShop images“, “No image yet”, “Image duplicated” – those are only a few of the most usual complications, that online merchants experience updating their products with pictures, either manually or in bulk via PrestaShop image upload. Check your merchandise to make sure your customers have best experience.

Prestashop Product Image Check

How exactly Store Diagnostics can help you dealing with your PrestaShop images?

PrestaShop image diagnostics will assist you in figuring out if you have pictures for which there exist records in database, but actual picture is not listed at your FTP, or the images that are at your FTP, but not linked to any products and products with no images.

You might be sure that everything is OK with your images. However, as they say “If you are not aware about the issue, it does not mean that it is not there”. With Store Manager for PrestaShop it is easy to get the list of mentioned pictures.

PrestaShop Images Diagnostics with Store Manager

Let’s view in details the options available at PrestaShop image diagnostics tool.

Missing product images

Running this tool you can get the list of items having records at database with no actual picture at FTP.

Solution for missing images – You can clear incorrect relations or export goods and add correct images to them importing the file back.

Images that are not linked to any product

This type of PrestaShop image diagnostics allows you to see images which are present at your server, but they are not related to any product.

Solution for unlinked images – You can erase images which are not in use in order to save free space at your FTP.

Products with missing images

Using this option you can see which of your products still are left without images. It is especially useful if you have big database and do not want to view each product page to check if all images are there. Moreover, exporting products to spreadsheet, you can ask your supplier to provide you product images or add the ones yourself and then upload them.

Solution for unlinked images – Import images back, in case you can get them from supplier or assign them one by one.

Diagnose your store with 14-days free trial version of Store Manager –

How to prevent this situation?

To prevent or as minimum know how to fix the issue is very important, since without PrestaShop images the general look of your store will be not finished.

How to prepare to PrestaShop image upload?

Not to get into trouble later on, you should think about groundwork over PrestaShop images, since usually it is the best guard against issues occurrence. So, pay attention to the following points:

  • select high-quality and relevant images for best customer experience
  • make sure that you have all the permissions to upload images
  • select efficient and working tool for images adding. Store Manager for PrestaShop is perfect means for images input, that offers wide possibilities for PrestaShop image upload, enriching store owners with an opportunity to accomplish the task without special technical skills and extra efforts.
  • if you add images via import, indicate accurate image names or URLs in the spreadsheet.

How to be if you have faced issue uploading PrestaShop images?

In case you already have encountered the problem uploading pictures, here are a few tips for you to check:

  • rebuild catalog index and flush shopping cart cache (it is possible directly from Store Manager)
  • check if you have not exceeded allowed limit and you still have free place at your FTP
  • make sure that you have moved to new PrestaShop storage system
  • make sure if images are uploaded to your FTP and physically exist there
  • carry out PrestaShop image diagnostics using Store Diagnostics tool of Store Manager for PrestaShop and see the list of missing, doubled images or those images allocated from items.

Images issues are also tracked by Google and other search engines and they badly influence on your rankings. Be aware of the situation you currently have and resolve the images problems to make your store like a glance.

Have more images questions? Leave us a comment!

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Lange • 09/16/2018

Hi Your application delete old index.php files and empty folders too ?

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Lange • 09/17/2018

Hello, Lange!
Thank you for your question.
Store Manager works with the database itself, it does not work with catalogs and files in store root. It only creates its own folder and bridge file (in case you work with Bridge type of connection), but does not delete anything.
If you have questions regarding software’s work – feel free to contact our support for assistance.

Lange • 09/17/2018

OK I see..
But I need delete empty folders (contains only index.php) , so is here solution for it?
PS manger can delete and detection only images with no records in database …but folders and index.php stay here…

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Lange • 09/17/2018

Thank you for your response.
Store Manager does not have such option to delete these folders and file.

Sarah • 10/29/2020

You mention “doubled images” in your post, but I can`t find that setting to detect duplicates in the Store Diagnostics Tool. Due to a annoying PS bug, where images get uploaded to products in several duplicates when products are imported via csv (whithout deleting all products first), I now have some products with the same image 2-4 times. Finding these and being able to delete would be a huge time saver. Otherwise I will be spending the next 4 days finding these products out of 6k+ products 🙁

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Sarah • 10/30/2018

Thank you for your question. You’re right, it is a huge problem in PrestaShop as it is renaming images while import (IDs are used as image names), making it impossible to find duplicated by names.

There are few options to resolve it:

  • When importing new products, use Store Manager and enable the “Skip images if product already has image” option. This option will not create duplicated images for you, but will upload image if one is missing. It is a good option for product update avoiding future duplicates.
  • PrestaShop Import Skip Image Upload
  • If you already have duplicates and you’re updating products now (or you have no other options and otherwise should delete products as you mentioned in your request), you can use the option to delete images before import. It will update the products without deleting them and clear all images from products completely and import new images from scratch (without duplicates). It can be a partial solution for you. Important. In case you have images that are not in a CSV file, this option will clear them as well. If you’re considering an option to delete all products and import them from scratch, I guess this solution would do the work for you for now.

Thanks to you, we’ve arranged a meeting with our tech team and decided to add a new feature in Store Diagnostics that will compare images (by pixels and using other methods) and allow you to delete duplicates automatically if the same image with a different name is assigned to one product. It will be added to future versions, so check our release notes to find out when it is available.

Please let us know if you can see any other options we can add in Store Manager to make it even better.