Export PrestaShop Orders to XML, Excel or HTML
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How to Export PrestaShop Orders to XML, Excel or HTML File(s)

Many PrestaShop retailers often need to export orders to integrate with third-party systems and services. This data transfer might be necessary for accounting purposes, inventory tracking, sales reporting etc. In most cases various systems have own data format.

Default PrestaShop export orders feature via SQL manager does not provide a way to to export orders with specific details, adjust export file or export orders to files of different formats.

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers a wide range of export options. When you are exporting orders using this solution then one thing that you do not need to worry about is file format compatibility. This is because it gives you a lot of options for selecting the file format of your choice. The app supports 4 common file types (csv, xml, Excel and html) that you may need for different purposes. The extension even has a free version, you can check it out below.

You can check related article on CSV order export. In this article will be described export of PrestaShop sales info to other popular file formats: XML, Excel and HTML.

Filter Out Orders to be Exported

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers a huge range of filtering possibilities to make advanced order selections based on your specific requirements. Using it you will be able to filter your sales by time period, status or make very specific order choice using column headers.

Filter PrestaShop Orders in Store Manager

For example, you can filter out orders with total higher than $100 and that were paid by cheque or the ones that were ordered by specific customer and have gift wrapping. There is a multitude of ways how you can filter sales data depending on your needs using the application.

Select Export Fields with Order Info

Having large amount of orders there are many instances when you only need to work with a certain piece of the information. When such a situation arises then it is very helpful to have the option to export only specific fields.

Therefore, one of the biggest advantages that come with order export available in Store Manager for PrestaShop is that it allows the user to export necessary fields. Since functionality to bring sales data to xml, Excel and html feeds in the app is presented as grid export, before procedure itself you need to enable/disable needed columns in the grid.

To do so, simply click on the option to show/hide columns and tick boxes in front of necessary data fields.

Select Fields for PrestaShop Orders Export

Single-Click PrestaShop Order Export to XML, Excel or HTML

Once necessary orders and appropriate order data are filtered and selected, click ‘Export’ button on orders toolbar. From drop-down choose desired file format.

Export PrestaShop Orders to Excel with Store Manager

As soon as you selected it, a new window will appear offering you to save the file with order data on your PC. You can also update file name to make it more meaningful for you.

Select Exported Excel File Location and Name

Now you can check the result or use created file per demand you face.

Check Exported File

Similar steps shold be done to export Orders in .xml format. Simply filter the orders and fields for export and select ‘Export to XML’ from drop-down

Export Orders to xml

save the file and check the result
Check Exported xml

Unlimited Order Export Possibilities with Store Manager for PrestaShop

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