How to Enable Debug Mode in PrestaShop 1.7 - Tutorial
*Can be applied to orders starting from $199
2019-04-05 2018-10-16
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How to Enable Debug Mode in PrestaShop 1.7

When starting an online store, its owner should take all possible security measures for the customers to feel confident when looking for a product or making a purchase.

Although, it is likely impossible to insure against any trouble that can happen to a webstore. That’s why it is important to know what to do in such cases before the problem occurs.

There is a possibility to detect technical errors in one click by enabling PrestaShop debug mode. When you activate it, PrestaShop shows you messages containing the errors.

How to Enable PrestaShop 1.7 Debug Mode?

  1. From PrestaShop admin panel go to Advanced Parameters => Performance and find Debug mode setting and set Debug mode to Yes.
  2. Press Save button in the left lower corner to apply the changes.

There are also two other settings available:

Disable non PrestaShop modules – this setting allows you to define whether the issue comes from the native PrestaShop code or thirty-party modules.

Disable all overrides – enabling this setting, you can figure out if the error has been caused by native override or by a third-party override.

Now, in case there are some errors on your website, you will receive the error notification after a refresh.

Make Your Store Performance Perfect By Checking PrestaShop SEO Too

After you repaired your site, you might also want to check your store’s SEO. To execute such type of diagnostics, you can take advantage of Store Manager application. It allows to detect a bunch of important SEO issues:

  • products without images
  • missing meta titles and descriptions
  • duplicate meta titles and descriptions
  • external URLs in descriptions etc.

All you need is to select the issues you want to detect and press Run Diagnostics button. You can read more about PrestaShop SEO diagnostics in the article PrestaShop Store Diagnostics. SEO Section.

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