How to Enable Debug Mode in PrestaShop 1.7 - Tutorial
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How to Enable Debug Mode in PrestaShop

Running an online store, you strive to ensure fast and correct performance of your PrestaShop front and back office. But sometimes when you face an issue, you can’t figure out where it comes from. For cases such as website blank screen, error 500, or when your shop behaves untypically, you can use the PrestaShop Debug Mode.

After enabling the Debug Mode in the admin, the check of the server performance is run. If some issue is found, PrestaShop will show you an error message describing the issue.


Further, you can address the issue yourself, search for the solution to this certain issue, or pass the screenshot of the issue to your developer.

How to Enable PrestaShop Debug Mode

In your PrestaShop admin, go to the Advanced Parameters => Performance and scroll down to “Debug mode”. Set the option to “Yes” and press “Save” to apply the changes. Reload the page to see the result of the check.

PrestaShop Enable Debug Mode

There are two more options in the Debug mode section:

  • Disable non PrestaShop modules. Oftentimes, issues with your online store are caused by third-party modules or customizations. Looking for a solution on forums, you might have noticed the advise to disable modules and check if the issue persists. So, you can use this option to disable all non-native modules at once (not one by one).
  • Disable all overrides. Similarly, setting this option to “Yes” will disable all classes and controllers overrides. Thus, you’ll be able to check if the issue is caused by some third-party code.

Discover and Fix Other Store Performance Issues

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers extra tools to detect and fix issues with your store performance. Store Diagnostics tool performs the following checks:

  • Image Diagnostics – detect products without images and image covers. Find images that are present on the server but not assigned to any product.
  • SEO Diagnostics – missing and duplicate meta titles and descriptions, external URLs in descriptions etc.
  • Data integrity Diagnostics – detect products with extra and missing language records, products not linked to any shop.

If you don’t have Store Manager installed yet, download the free trial version and install it on your computer. Connect the application to your store database following the instruction.

PrestaShop Store Diagnostics Detect Issues

All you need is to select the issues you want to detect and press the “Run Diagnostics” button. Read more about PrestaShop Store Diagnostics.

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