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good work
Anonymous said about Zoryana Motykagood work3 days ago
Best in the world
Jörgen said about Zoryana MotykaBest in the world3 days ago
Anonymous said about Zoryana Motyka.8 days ago
perfecto, estoy recabando información
Anonymous said about Zoryana Motykaperfecto, estoy recabando información 9 days ago
Qu'est-ce qu'elle est patiente !
Paul-Marc HEUDRE said about Zoryana MotykaQu’est-ce qu’elle est patiente !9 days ago

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Store Manager for PrestaShop ★★★★★ 4.8 fuera de 5 Residencia en 64 opiniones. Leer testimonios
“Store Manager for PrestaShop review”
Overall: We tried the program for our client, who uses the prestashop system. We were surprised at how easy the program works. The client will complete them and will also be interested in the paid version.
Pros: Free trial for up to 14 days Quick deployment Lots of features
Cons: I've only tried the free version so far. I have no reservations.
Reasons for Choosing Store Manager for PrestaShop: We needed a program that is simple and can be tried and tested first.
- Patrik F
"I would recommend the tool if the day to day tasks with prestashop take a lot of your time."
What do you like best? - The experience with Prestashopmanager has been satisfactory. It is quite intuitive to use the tool. You can modify orders, add items, modify carriers, prices...etc in a super-fast way. One of the things I liked the most is that the synchronization with the server is fast so that a change made has an almost immediate effect. Obviously there are many functions that I am still learning as I know that you can get much more performance but the basics are learned quickly.
I would recommend the tool if the day to day tasks with prestashop take a lot of your time.
What do you dislike? I haven't had any errors yet so I can't say anything bad.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? - Problems with orders. Items with images with the same name. Incomplete carriers.
- Migue J
Absolute game changer!!
I ran prestashop for years using only the back office. After a while once i had alot of products, managing them became a nightmare. Any change accross multiple products became a chore that took hours. I tried the demo of store manager and the mountains of work that would take hours or weeks became tasks that could be done in 2 minutes or less. This software absolutely amazing. Extremely powerful and full of features to make managing your shop and products much faster. As an important bonus the tech support team is extremely helpful and responsive.
- Scott Connelly
"Incredible ease of use and time savings"
What do you like best? - What I like the most is that I save a lot of work time and that I can designate workers according to their task
What do you dislike? - nothing to say about discomfort at the moment
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? - We are solving the problem of managing the product portfolio without having to access the website directly. Change of rules and massive price increases.
- Jorge Ortega J
EmagicOne product review
I have been using the program for over two years. Even for a store with a small number of products, it is very convenient. The search function, the bulk change function and filters are very helpful.
Positive sides:
- works fast
- many functions
- convenience
- technical support that answers questions
- periodically updated and you have to pay for updated versions
- there are bugs, but they are not critical
- Сергей В
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I can never thank you for the amazing product you sell. Without PrestashopManager it would have been impossible for me to manage, in dropshopping, several catalogs by automatically importing them from csv files and managing the creation, modification, deletion of orders and products.
- Maurizio
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
the more we use your software the more we love you guys.It's really, really well done, useful, smart. Makes every day tasks easier and nicer.
- Michele P.
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I'm not an computer technician but this is best program I ever worked in prestashop, so keep the good work eMagicOne team best regards from Portugal
- Vasco Costs
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
Your software is the best I found for Prestashop !
- Massimo
Store Manager makes our life easier
We use Prestashop manager in between for 4 years to make our life a lot easier. Now because of the growth of our VDO business we have planned to buy 2 new pro licenses because we are going to split our activities in Continental VDO products over 3 different companies. I think this says enough about our opinion regarding Shopmanager. One thing we miss, we love Apple, so only for Store Manager we have to keep a Windows machine ;--)
- Frank
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I immediately downloaded the new version and it’s really great to have this new feature "Favorites".
We are currently working day and night on this new version of SM and, sincerely, there is nothing that can compete against your solution for Prestashop. It’s powerful, flexible, nicely designed and really reliable in terms of stability and communication with Prestashop 1.7. Not mentioning the unbeatable price of this solution!...
A 4.8 stars rating would be the minimum for such an amazing solution. So, what could make it even better? I would say, the possibility to add some key buttons like the famous "Post change to web" or any other key function, ideally located in the top ribbon of the main screen, below, "Mass changers", "Export", etc...and, an updated version of the user manual.
- Sebastian
Configuración de importaciones
El servicio técnico es estupendo, en poco tiempo responden a los problemas, incluso en versión demo.
Estoy encantado con ellos, y he comprado el producto.
- Javier
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
your product really rock ,i can do things that need months in few hours
- Tasos
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I managed to test the store manager. Everything works fine and the functionality we need works fine. We have not bought it yet, as we are waiting for the accounting department to authorize the purchase. As soon as we are ready, we will definitely purchase a store manager since we really need it for more convenient work. I am very grateful to you for your help and for your time that you are giving us!
- Ținea Ion
Store Manager for PrestaShop
I can only say you people are awesome. Thanks for the workaround, I won't have to reinstall my good old 2.59 that doesn't come with combinations set to zero when the reference is not in my import file hahaha. Keep up your good work and new features... it's probably more and more complex to upgrade but it sure is useful. I'm glad to help fix a few pipes when I see them.
- Cyril Coutzac
That's great, thanks!
It works exactly as I need it to! I hadn't found that article. Long live PrestaShop Manager and the emagicone support team!
- Barry
"All in one software"
What do you like best? - It's all in one app. I do not need to buy any modules for different needs as Store Manager for Prestashop does it all. It's really easy to use and is fast. It saved me hours of time while setting up a new website. It is also very useful after setup process.
What do you dislike? - It doesn't look really easy to use at the first glance, but once you'll give it a try - you'll look no further.
Recommendations to others considering the product: - Download it. You'll have trial for 14 days. Once you'll try - you'll love it and you'll be saving tons of time. If you're creating a website - you need to start fast. Just do sales and business with the help of this software. Don't work manually with Prestashop. Trust me, I've made this mistake before I bought Store Manager.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? - Updates for product information and stock, POS (you can add orders manually if you need to do so). I believe I'll find other fantastic features provided by this software.
- "Agne U"
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I'm now reaching the end of the trial (2 days left). Till now, I'm very satisfied by the tool and the support.
- Angela
"Companion to Prestashop - yes you need it"
What do you like best?
The ease of performing bulk actions, and offline too! Prestashop's full capabilities are not within reach until you see how Store Manager makes life easier. This module has also invoicing functions that you can operate your physical store as well as online store.
What do you dislike?
Maybe the POS section can be a little more comprehensive. Other than that, not much else.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Try it out for 30 days; if it's the right fit, then you won't go wrong.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Workload has decreased tremendously as Store Manager saves time by performing mundane tasks in one go. Simple thing that would take hours are now solved with few keystrokes, greatly improving productivity.
- Shyam D
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I've been in the software development and testing business for over 20 years and I wanted to pass on how impressed and pleased I am with Store Manager. It's truly a joy to see a product developed with such clear skill and attention to detail with an obvious eye on it functionality for the end user.
- Alexander
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I had the satisfaction of noticing all combinations were set to zero when they were not part of the CSV file! This is quite THE breakthrough. Yes you may publish because I mean each good word I wrote. Have a nice day.
- Cyril Coutzac
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
What do you like best?
I’ve been using the program for prestashop for around 4 years along with the eBay and amazon add on.
this program saves me a lot of time and effort with very powerful tools available with in the software
If you have a compatible shop this program is a must
Very easy to import new products with everything you would need to imported
What do you dislike?
Cannot really fault the program at all .
Recommendations to others considering the product:
Do it you won’t regret it it a great peice if software and will save you time and effort
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Day to day running , mass product import
- Administrator in Retail
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
I'm testing your product right now and I have to say that this is f:) awesome !! I still need to try a few features, I have 9 days until the end of the trial version ... but I will probably buy it before the 14 days trial period expires! A round of applause for your outstanding job, great contact and follow-up in new features!
- Martin K
Store Manager for PrestaShop review
You have made a very nice and useful program and you have great service. I kiss you lovingly from Turkey.
- Atlihan Dundar
I have tried the new version, and it works perfectly.
I want to thank you for your attention, your interest in solving the problems and I will buy an update shortly.
Thank you very much, really, you make my job much easier with Store Manager.
- Antonio
"Fantastico una spesa che ne vale la pena"
è fantastico, è davvero una spesa che ne vale la pena. Lo uso con prestashop e mi sta salvando la vita. Mi permette di importare in modo semplice lavori che lavorando via web ci metterei una vita. Riesco ad importare senza problemi sia csv che xml e se non sono esattamente come serve a me in pochi click li posso adattare al database. Mi semplifica la vita quando ci sono prodotti con tantissime combinazioni. Il supporto è fantastico sempre disponibili e anche se avevo finito il mio periodo acquistato sono stati gentilissimi e mi hanno risolto dei problemi lo stesso. Inoltre è ottimo anche perchè posso fare tutte le prove nel programma in modo veloce e inviare al web solo nel momento in cui sono soddisfatto. Grazie
Per ora nulla di non risolvibile e i problemi che ho avuto sono stati molto veloci a risolvermeli. L'unico neo forse è che gli aggiornamenti e l'assistenza dopo un pò scadono e devi riacquistarli se vuoi aggiornare il programma.
assolutamente per importazione, velocità, utilizzo, semplicità e creazione mi molteplici attributi
Principalmente problemi di importazione sia in formato csv sia in xml. Mi hanno aiutato moltissimo e mi hanno permesso di importare i file dei miei fornitori in modo immediato. Cosa che prima non potevo fare nemmeno testando i vari moduli a pagamento.
- stefano l
"If you need to bulk update, this is the right tool"
Due the corona crisis we needed to update our prices with 20%, doing this manually would take several hours.
But now you just bulk select and change it straight away, voila - did take maybe 1minute to fix.
So the bulk edit feature is the best feature for us.
I would like to make it easier to add new products, easier than Prestashop.
Dont waste your time making changes manually, pay once and get many hours saved.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
It saved me alot of hours
- David J
"Without the Store Manager I can't imagine working, saves lots of time "
Everything works quickly and without errors. Very complete with powerful options. It’s flexible with enough of options and import export formats works great on windows 10. Import and export wizard works very well and is a real time saver. Highly recommended!
Recommendations to others considering the product:
A must for any large PrestaShop store.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
-time saver
- import export formats works great
- managing orders works quickly
_ adding products and categories works much faster.
- deleting a large number of products works like a dream.
- GroepArt
I see this store manager is amazing
I see this store manager is amazing and would use it for the future.
So im checking and seeing all it's functions
- Vincenzo
Simply a word! MAGICAL
Simply exceptional! I have loaded thousands of products for months and after discovering this program my working life has not improved! has totally changed! Now I can load thousands of products in less than a day and save time to further improve my shop. Simply a word! MAGICAL.
A must have if you have a PrestaShop store.
- Mirko Marchetti
Excellent Software solution and Great Support
PrestaShop store manager is the best solution to manage your online store. We at Laptops Luxembourg have been using store manager for all of our product updates, and for managing our online store here in Luxembourg. We are very happy with the software! It really saves us so much time to manage our store and all of our products efficiently, and we could not imagine being without it.
- Gary Wheadon
Mac Os compatability
Waiting for Mac Os compatibility
- Idriss
Best Store Manager for PrestaShop
What do you like best?
I love the whole app. The quick adding of products.
What do you dislike?
At this time i have no dislikes, maybe i have don't discovered it yet.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
Adding products.
- Piotr O
Excellent Extension and great support !
The Store Manager is an exceptional good and useful tool which give us a great benefit. Particular as we have more than 10.000 different products to handle and can easily update special prices or move items to different categories. What I particular like is the excellent support. Every question and troubles had been solved within 24 hours and I consider this as the best support I ever get. Thank you very much and keep on the great work !
- Markus
The best software complementary to Prestashop
If you have to buy only one software to match your new or existing prestashop store, is this one. One of the best management and backend software I could ever imagine to find.
Everything is easy:
-creating categories, products
-moving categories, products
-editing categories and products ( bulk
-easy order follow through
It's an amazing job, this guys bring it to the next level.
IT was a hassle to connect the store, and from time to time I have to repeat the process, something happens. I do want to specify that I don't use their service of connecting through the cloud.
Easy moving products from categories, easy applying filters and features ( bulk ), easy reordering product display inside the category. Great software
- Joanne M.
Muito útil faz em segundos o que demoraria horas.
Programa de fácil utilização intuitiva e muito útil.
Pena o valor da aquisição.
- José Chichorro Rodrigues
Excellent logiciel
Voici plus de 5 ans que j'utilise Store Manager et je ne pourrais pas m'en passer. Je travaille uniquement avec Store Manager et je ne vais pas beaucoup sur le back office de Prestashop. J'ai testé des modules qui veulent faire pareil que Store Manager mais aucun n'arrive à la hauteur de Sore Manager. On fait tellement de choses facilement, les imports / exports, les créations de produits, les prises de commandes clients, le référencement, la gestion des stocks, des prix. C'est facile à mettre en place et facile d'utilisation.
Et l'assistance par chat est vraiment très bien.
Félicitations à l'équipe de store Manager, je ne pourrais m'en passer, il ne faut pas hésiter à investir pour Store Manager, rien ne vaut Store Manager
- Sylvie Avec Passion
A necessity
Can't run stores efficiently without this app. And support is excellent also. Been using it for years (just got around to doing a review).
- Matt C
Mon avis sur le logiciel
Après avoir tester pas mal de choses je suis tombé sur Prestashop Manager . boum ...
Gain de temps , rapide, écran clair, modification facile et surtout import export sous excel un vrai plaisir.
Le service après vente et hot-line efficace.
Ils sont à votre écoute et cela jusqu'à ce que le problème soit résolu.
Cela vaut le coup de tester leur version d'essai.
- Serge
Store Manager for Prestashop
Після використання пробного періоду ви придабєте цю програму. Стільки функціоналу реалізовано в системній програмі без нудних перезавантажень сторінок, без таймаутів сервера. Я не уявляв як можна штатними методами Prestashop імпортувати 24000 товарів. Як швидко керувати замволеннями, клієнтами. Оновлення зображень просто перетягуючи їх на відповідне поле. Таск менеджер який можна налаштувати на автоматичний імпорт вночі. Якщо щось незрозуміло підтримка відповідає за лічені хвилини, і ти спілкуєшся з живими людьми а не роботами чи пишеш тікети. Програма дійсно оправдаєла свої надії.
- Юрий
Reply to Max's review
You have left us the review concerning Store Manager's price. Store Manager is all-in-one that contains multiple features gathered in one program. The software allows you to speed up your inventory by 150%, automatically update your products, manage customers and orders in bulk, integrate with multiple suppliers and systems. It includes the features of multiple modules. This in an investment that will quickly pay off in the future.
In any case, we always try to meet our clients' expectations and we have got 2 editions of Store Manager - Standard and PRO for businesses of different sizes.
Moreover, we often run promotions and offer the clients some deals -
- eMagicOne
El ladrón de oro
El programa está muy bien hecho, pero el precio es un disparate. Si costara 50€ sería otra cosa, pero esto es desproporcionado.
- Max
Reply to Massimo's post
Concerning your questions, please, contact us via live chat or e-mail [email protected] and our support managers will gladly assist you.
- eMagicOne
info and price
HI guys,
i am trying your software for my ecommerce.
the your software is very good.
i need create in automatic the invoice and delivery sLIP for my Italian carrier.
the italian carrier ask mandatory the volume and weight for each my shipping.
can I modify the your template (delivery template)?
can you help me ?
after this i can buy this software.
my enviroment is :
1 DataBase and 3 multistore in prestashop versione 1.6.1 .
Which is the correct software (standard or Professional) for my bussines.
if i will buy the professional solution can you add a special price ?
I will use only 1 user.
thanks for you support.
[email protected]
- Massimo
Very good software
I have installed the software after using prestahop directly from the backoffice.
The benefit using prestashop manager is incredible: you can speed up a lot any operation
and you can do bulk actions with only a click of your finger.
I reccomend it to anywhone who whants to make a serius shop: the cost is minimal and it will save you a lot of
trouble and, of course, money.
- Robin Marozio
Gret product
this software saved a lot of time for managing the products. importing and exporting is clicks away and makes things must easier. the support team is very good. cheers
- Stefan
The best software out there
The best software out there for ecommerce. I setup a print store in Prestashop which has a huge list of combinations for each product. The software helped me export and import via excel. Simple to use with drag and drop functions. Tried the 30 day trial first and now buying!!!
- Craig
Answer to Gerd Schrode (removing )
@Gerd Schrode
Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. Each review is important for us, even the one, describing negative experience.
Store Manager for PrestaShop is a paid application and this information is clearly outlined at our official website. Free 30-day trial version has been developed on purpose to allow users to test fully-functional Store Manager, check its features and decide whether the application suits you. Before testing you can check Store Manager price at This information is accessible to everyone, here is feature comparison and price specified.
Concerning fraudulent activity, we should assure you, Store Manager for PrestaShop as well as other eMagicOne products are 100% save, since they has been tested and checked for viruses from our side. This activity does not happen to users who download Store Manager from official website - We are on the market more than 10 years, so we value our reputation and our clients highly.
- eMagicOne
removing program
Guten Tag,
1. das Programm lässt sich nicht installieren Fehlermeldung
2. entgegen der Behauptung es sei kostenfrei, ist nun nur eine 30 Tage Trial Version verfügbar, danach, kostet es dann wohl doch Geld. Das ist trügerisch.
3. Phishing Meldung des Email Clients, das ist nicht vertrauenswürdig
Thunderbird hält diese Nachricht für verdächtig!
Es könnte sein, dass die Nachricht zu einer betrügerischen Webseite führt, die eine andere Webseite optisch imitiert. Eventuell möchte man Ihnen sensible Daten stehlen (z.B. PIN, TAN, Benutzernamen, Passwörter, etc.).
Wollen Sie wirklich die folgende Webseite besuchen?
Aus diesem Grunde habe ich das Modul wieder deaktiviert und werde es nicht benutzen.
Gerd Schrode
- Gerd Schrode
Perfect software
I am very very satisfied with this program. One month trial period was the starting of our long jorney using the Prestashop Store Manager for our online store forever !
- Cosmin N
Intuitivo e funzionale Ottimo!!!
Ho scaricato la Trial versione con 30 giorni di utilizzo prova, grazie al Wizard o configurato il connettore Bridge store Manager con il mio negozio Cloud di prestashop in meno di quanto pensassi ,inoltre e l'unico nodulo ufficiale dell'addons Prestashop compatibile con il Cloud di Prestashop...o importato peodotti in meno di quanto pensassi....Grande Programma
- Armando
Save Time - Excellent Integration Prestashop-Ebay
Great for Export Products to Ebay and Import Order Order to Prestashop I Loved Prestashop Shop Manager
Save too much time
- Trino Lugo
It makes working at the back-end of my webshop FUN!
Although changing product details, prices or quantities in my webshop is not high on my 'fun activities' list, Store Manager makes my editing life a lot easier and even a bit fun. Ultimately though, since testing the free version for a month, I have decided to buy the product so that I have more free time to spend doing things a lot more fun.
I have 150+ new products that have come in this morning. In the old-fashioned way, that would take over 20 hours of work introducing them in my webshop. Now, I think I will manage in 5. Max. Can't wait.
- Remko
Simply Brilliant (Trial Version)
All I can say is WOW!
This has literally saved my online store. It was becoming almost impossible (and very frustrating) with updating items on my store, I have thousands, it was literally taking a week to update them all. However, everything has changed dramatically using this software, I can complete the task in under an hour!
Everything is right in front of you, bulk updates, easy to navigate import options, SO MANY features! I was so excited once I realised how much this software can do for me. It's like having a group of assistants doing the work that would have taken weeks for me to complete! (Especially the customization tool!) I can set a task running and go off and do other more pressing tasks.
Thank you so much this has changed my way of working and completely reduced stress levels.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this amazing software! Simply Brilliant.
- Louise Joyce
Awesome Product
I'm not sure how I can do without the StoreManager for my PrestaShop, Making updates without logging into the site and processing orders with ease. The process is instant with no delay, just please give us more addons. There is so capable I'm still learning all the things I can do with my store. By far the best investment for your business, saves time and money.
- John Tsao
Soldi ben spesi
Prestashop raddoppia il suo valore con questa console.
Qui si dimostrano i limiti del software web rispetto agli "antichi" programmi Client/Server transazionali.
StoreManager infatti è molto più veloce perchè può mettere in coda più modifiche al database MySQL, committandole tutte in un solo colpo.
Inoltre l'interfaccia è molto più usabilee completa : in questo modo per fare una modifica non dobbiamo perdere ore tra a saltare da una schermata all'altra, come con la dashboard PHP di PrestaShop.
Un vero 'must have'.
Indispensable per prestashop
Uso ormai da tanto tempo lo store manager per prestashop. Non riuscirei piu' a gestire un ecommerce bene senza questo programma. E' davvero indescrivibile la sua utilita'. E dopo un anno che lo uso ogni volta scopro nuove funzioni che rendono sempre piu' veloce il mio lavoro. Sono soldi davvero ben spesi. Io personalmente dopo aver usato per il periodo iniziale la licenza standard sono passato subito alla professional sia perchè gestisco più siti e sia perchè avevo la necessita di importare più di 2000 prodotti. Mi sono trovato benissimo che ho anche acquistato come addon l'ebay integration e l'automatic import. Questi addon sono davvero utilissimi! Consiglio a tutti l'uso di questo programma!
- Enzo C.
I like Store Manager with POS
i had a trial period of one day to use the program. It's exactly I want!
- kent
Ho scaricato la versione Trial e da subito ho trovato caratteristiche davvero molto convincenti. Ma soprattutto è la semplicità e l'intuitività sia del pannello di controllo che di tutta la struttura che mi ha convinto all'acquisto.
Sono davvero molto soddisfatto di aver trovato un prodotto così perchè mi permette di gestire al meglio i prodotti, le categorie, gli ordini, i clienti, le newsletter e soprattutto permette di effettuare modifiche massive di cui il normale Prestashop è molto limitato; la cosa davvero impagabile è che tutte le modifiche avvengono davvero in un Click !!!...
Inoltre permette di lavorare sul sito direttamente dal BackOffice (qualità assolutamente eccezionale!!)
A livello gestionale, dunque, è davvero perfetto e quindi a mio avviso è il miglior prodotto che attualmente il mercato offre; lo consiglio certamente a chi mi chiederà informazioni e ritengo che sia l'acquisto più utile per la gestione del mio sito.
Consigliato al 100%
- Antonio
Rapido e veloce
Ho scaricato la versione di prova di Prestashop Manager e mi sono trovato benissimo! E' possibile gestire tutto il proprio store da un'applicazione offline ed importare tutti i miei prodotti tramite file csv in pochissimo tempo.
Da Prestashop manager è possibile modificare sia gli articoli sia i contenuti del proprio sito Prestashop, permettendo di risparmiare una grande quantità di tempo. Consigliato!
- Andrea Pazzi
Presta Shop Store Manager von eMagic One
Wir waren für unseren Prestashop auf der Suche nach einem hilfreichen Tool unsere Produkte besser zu verwalten und vorallem schneller Produkte in den Shop einzustellen.
Zudem war es das Ziel eine geordnete Übersicht über alle Produkte zu erhalten.
Problem des Backoffice des Prestashop ist, dass der Server abstürzt, wenn zuviele Produktkombinationen erstellt werden.
All diese Dinge löst der Store Manager von eMagic One. Wir kaufen jetzt nach der 30 tägigen Testphase die Professionell Version um auch in Zukunft schnell und effizient arbeiten zu können.
- Torsten Lippke
Recensione Store Manager eMagicOne
Ho recentemente scaricato la versione di prova di questo programma ed una volta installato è stato facilissimo configurare la connessione al mio negozio on line, anche grazie alla presenza di un utilissimo Wizard che aiuta passo passo nel processo di configurazione.
Il programma è progettato molto bene, la schermata è chiara ed è facilissimo comprendere come realizzare le varie attività senza seguire alcun manuale o corso. Grazie alle sue funzionalità è stato possibile inserire oltre 1000 prodotti in meno di una settimana, tutti manualmente, con descrizioni accurate, fotografie e manuali.
Il tutto senza usare lo strumento di importazione automatizzata che consente in pochi istanti di caricare migliaia di prodotti: questo strumento è infatti uno dei tanti strumenti compresi nel programma, utilissimo per importare set di prodotti di notevoli dimensioni memorizzati in archivi tipo fogli escel o CSV.
Il programma permette di gestire ogni dettaglio del Back Office di Prestashop: Prodotti, Categorie, Attributi, Produttori, Caratteristiche, Spedizioni ed ogni altro dettaglio.
Consente inoltre la modifica di gruppo degli articoli permettendo cioè di modificare in un colpo solo una descrizione, un prezzo, una quantità o altri parametri per un numero elevato di prodotti contemporaneamente.
Infine esso fornisce importantissimi strumenti come il backup ed il ripristino del database e l'accesso alle sue tabelle grazie al quale si possono effettuare modifiche che da BO è impossibile fare.
Direi che per chi deve gestire un sito professionale questo è non solo uno strumento indispensabile ma molto probabilmente il migliore
- Giuseppe
Ahorra muchisimo tiempo
Me ha sorprendido la cantidad de tiempo que puedes ahorrar. Recomiendo probar las modificaciones en bloque, con esta función puedes modificar cientos de productos de forma masiva, en mi caso necesitaba sustituir una palabra comun para 1500 productos, esto me hubiera llevado varios días de trabajo y pude hacerlo en menos de un minuto. Tambien me ha sorprendido la exportación e importación de productos y categorías, con esta herramienta puedes copiar cientos de productos de una instalacion de prestashop a otra en pocos minutos.
- Francisco PF
after a trial period
i had a trial period of one month to use the whole program i am very satisfied with the ease of working with the program also the help from the company was excellent i want to recommend to next users