eMagicOne Receives Superhero Developer Badge on PrestaShop Marketplace - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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eMagicOne Receives Superhero Developer Badge on PrestaShop Marketplace

We are pleased to introduce our new PrestaShop Developer Superhero badge on the official PrestaShop addons marketplace. We would like to say thank you to PrestaShop team for this reward and for the years of cooperation and our customers for their support.

Our achievements over years:

  • Official Partner. We’re proud to be official PrestaShop partner since 2011
  • Best Module PrestaShop Award in 2012. Our module was rewarded as best on PrestaShop Barcamp
  • PrestaShop’s Favorite Award in 2016. PrestaShop users and PrestaShop team have chosen our products as Favorite
  • PrestaShop Superhero Badge in 2019. It was earned for the long cooperation and continuous help on community forums.

We’re proud to offer the best products and services:

  • 5000+ downloads of our Store Manager for PrestaShop
  • 5000+ downloads of our Mobile Assistant Connector
  • 25118 positive feedback over time
  • Highers support quality and response time

Why choose eMagicOne?

Being on the market for over 10 years, we established ourselves as a reliable partner and innovative solutions development team that attained international recognition and customer trust.

We are proud to get the high-level recommendation:

“PrestaShop Store Manager has proved to be a true ally for PrestaShop retailers! Apart from the daily benefits it offers in terms of time and efficiency, I was particularly impressed by the opportunity it offered to work offline (for example, from a laptop computer on a train or plane). Also, being able to add more than 10 photos for one product in just one click is a great development! Some retailers use it, above all, to manage their catalogue, for example to reduce prices for a category of products by 20% for sales… again with just one click! Others will opt to use it to improve customer relations and to take advantage of its very powerful import/export functions.

We are well known in Italy as a “difficult project company” but we have only one secret: we discovered PrestaShop Store Manager!

In conclusion, in view of its low price and the time it saves traders (about 2 hours a day), it is an absolute must-have!

Bruno Lévêque

co-founder of PrestaShop”

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