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Store Manager for PrestaShop v. – PDF Catalog Creator Enhanced

Great news for the PrestaShop store owners! A new Store Manager for PrestaShop v. offers improved order management and enhanced PDF Catalog Creator. Download the new version and take advantage of the new possibilities!


  • Now, when an order is created, the Payment field is filled in automatically if a payment for the selected order status is presumed.

  • Automated product import/export and eBay automated tasks are now performed with regard to the shop in which these tasks have been configured.

  • Improvements in the PDF Catalog Creator v.
    • Template groups can now have their background color, font, and image.
    • We’ve added a number of new templates that support background, font and image settings for a group:
      LookBook CrossBBlue (Album A4)+
      LookBook GameCube (Album A4)+
      LookBook GreenTea (Album A4)+
      LookBook LowInk (Album A4)+
      LookBook Purfom (Album A4)+
      LookBook ShortLine (Album A4)+
      LookBook SoftFabric (Album A4)+
      LookBook WaterBlue (Album A4)+
      LookBook YellowSoft (Album A4)+

      PrestaShop Store Manager New LookBook Templates 2022

    • Fast Report component is updated and image format changed to SVG. Users are recommended to check if their custom templates are displayed correctly.
    • Sorting of groups via drag&drop is optimized.
    • The display of the progress bar showing how products are added to a catalog is fixed.

  • eBay Integration v. has been added. In the new version, the issues with automated product export and synchronization for the non-default shops have been fixed.


  • Fixed issue with displaying a delivery method in POS, if the Carrier Billing method is set to “According to total price”.

  • Fixed issue with the display of the selected currency for the product Special Price field.

  • Product special prices are now imported correctly.

  • Customer and supplier addresses added from Store Manager are now displayed correctly and can be edited via the PrestaShop back office.

  • Fixed issue with the display of CMS category names.

  • A friendly URL for a CMS page is now generated from the page Title field.

  • After adding a supplier to a product and saving the changes, the Save Supplier(s) button becomes inactive.

  • Fixed issue with displaying/editing product description for some languages after changing a store connection.

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