Where to Paste Update License Key? - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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2019-04-08 2012-08-29
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Where should I paste Update License Key?

In order to apply Update Service Key to your existing Store Manager primary license you should go to the “Apply Update Service Tool” at:


This tool will help you to prolong your Update Service for eMagicOne software so you can download latest versions.

  1. Enter your Store Manager Primary License Key. It is your current Store Manager License Key.
  2. You can find one in your Store Manager -> Help -> About menu OR in your license system account at http://license.emagicone.com/

    Example: 1234-12-111-12345678-1a2b56f8

  3. Enter your Update License Key. Update License Key is the key you just received via email when purchased Update Service.
    Example: 1234-12-111-12345678-1a2b56f8

Finally press “Apply Update Service” button.

Now you’ll be able to download the latest updates of Store Manager at your license system account at http://license.emagicone.com/

Note: You do not have to purchase Update Service for every license. Update service can be applied only to primary license, and thus you need as many update services as you have primary licenses that you want to prolong. Update service does not restrict nor affect usage, you still can use older versions without any additional fees.

Click here to apply Update Service Key and get software update instantly

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