How to configure direct MySQL connection? - Store Manager
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How to configure direct MySQL connection?

In order to start working with a specific store you need to setup store connection first. It can be done in Preferences Window, which appears automatically on the first start-up and can be accessed later through Tools -> Preferences.

Store Manager requires direct MySQL database connection. Most of hosting companies allow direct connections to MySQL database. However in most cases you have to go to your control panel and add your home/office computer IP address or domain name to Access List – list of IP addresses allowed accessing MySQL port 3306 from outside. This option can be found under MySQL settings.

Feel free to ask your hosting support to assist you in enabling direct MySQL access, they must help you since it is trivial task.

Important note: If you are using Store Manager for PrestaShop and unable to connect to more than one store, most likely that you have Standard Edition of Store Manager.

In PrestaShop Store Manager the number of Store connections depends upon the edition, thus to manage more than one store, you need to upgrade to PRO Edition.

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Database Connection tab in Preferences Window has three sections: Store Configuration Section (1), Database Connection Section (2) and Localization Section (3).

  1. To start working with your Store first of all you have to select or create your Store Configuration (1). If you have one you can Load your configuration to Store Manager or simply select one from the drop-down.
  2. If not than you have to create one. To create a new configuration press “Actions” button and select one to from the drop-down list:

    Specify your new configuration name (see below). It is good idea to use your store name or some other informative name to cope with your databases easily.

    Press OK Button to accept changes.

    You can create as many Database Configurations as you wish.

  3. To configure direct connection to your remote database enable the corresponding check-box in the Store Configuration Section. Remote Database Connection Settings Section will appear.
  4. Fill in following Remote Database (MySQL) Connection Settings:

    • Server address (database host): usually it is your website name like “” (do not include http:// prefix); you may use IP address as well.
    • Server port (3306 is suitable in most cases).
    • MySQL server Version (most of hosting companies have 4.1 or 4.0 and some of them have 5.x version).
    • User name (login).
    • Password.
    • Database (name): you may type the name manually or use browse button to list all available databases and select required one.
    • Click “Test Connect” button to verify whether all settings you have specified are correct. You should see “Connection Successful” message as follows:

      Finally, press OK at the bottom of the pageto save settings.

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