How to add my IP's to Access List & allow direct MySQL connections?
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How to add my IP address to Access List and allow direct MySQL connections?

Every hosting company has some control panel allowing customers to manage their websites. Let us review such tool as cPanel – one of most popular and widely used management applications.

There’s no single way to open cPanel but often you can just add “/cpanel” to your website link to get into. So type /cpanel in browser’s address bar and press Enter key.

You will see either dialog window or web page like this:

To get inside you have to type login and password provided by your hosting company.

After login you will see something like this:

Click on “MySQL Databases” and then scroll down to Access List section. Type IP address of your home/office computer and click “Add Host” button

This webpage will be shown indicating successful operation

After these steps you can try to connect. If all connection settings are specified properly, you will see “Connection successful” message.

Note: Besides cPanel there are several other management applications which may be used by your hosting. Take this short explanation as general “how to” guide, details shown here may differ from yours.

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