PrestaShop Store Manager vs Popular Web Tools Comparison
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PrestaShop Functionality Comparison: Store Manager VS Popular Web Tools

Immense amount of people, who commenced on PrestaShop online store running, are constantly striving for increasing their business performance. To succeed in optimizing PrestaShop platform functionality, e.g accurate store inventory management, PrestaShop import to database or categories arrangement enhancing, one should entrust these tasks to highly-effective medium.

Fairly often web entrepreneurs are vacillating what tools to choose, because of insufficient information on their functional capabilities. In this article you can find solid comparison of business-critical functionalities and peculiarities (Store Manager for PrestaShop and popular nowadays web tools are taken as subject of comparison).


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The first aspect, described and compared in the article, has to do with solutions installation. Web tools, used for managing PrestaShop stores, can be installed to any web server, what, at the first sight, is rather convenient. Having installed any web instrument, you have an access to PrestaShop store across the Internet, no matter you use Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. On the other side, you are using web browsers to manage online store, what imposes a lot of limitations on successful store administrating tasks accomplishing.

Furthermore, to install an average web instrument, you should be able to connect to your store via FTP, change file permissions (755, 777, chgrp, chmod) and cope with PHP scripts.

Store Manager for PrestaShop application is more approachable in installation. Having launched setup process, go on with “Next” button-clicks. After the software have been installed, you have to set up store connection, what is being done via Connection Wizard. You can choose Simple Mode variant and specify site address and FTP access details.


The possibility to change store interface language is an additional asset of each and every PrestaShop solution. Store Manager for PrestaShop application is fully translated into English, French and Russian language. At the moment translation projects into Greek, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, German, Danish languages are in progress.

Popular web tools foresee the support of the English and as well as French languages, while German, Czech and Slovak translations are partially done.


Store Manager for PrestaShop application is compatible with PrestaShop 1.5.x versions since October, 2012 – 2 weeks after the latest PrestaShop version release. On the contrary, popular web instrument only announced about future PrestaShop 1.5.x versions support in January, 2013.

Mass Operations

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Any solution for PrestaShop should enable web shopkeepers with the possibility to accurately and opportunely arrange PrestaShop catalog. For that very reason one has to seamlessly perform mass operations over PrestaShop products.

While comparing Store Manager and web tools functionality, it should be accentuated, that Store Manager for PrestaShop possesses mighty toolkit for PrestaShop catalog handling, namely:

  • Mass Product Changer
  • Mass Combination Changer
  • Mass Feature Changer

All of these toolkits has additional functionality, which allows to broaden data management possibilities. As an example, Mass Product Changer utility includes options, by means of which PrestaShop user can change price, wholesale price, quantity, status for abundance of items at once. Online merchants can create different offers for clientele, being able to set special product price or smart prices.

Moreover, PrestaShop catalog management is becoming more and more flexible, since it’s possible to manage PrestaShop fields values via Expressions.

What about widespread web tools capabilities in this sphere? Via web tools PrestaShop users can change product price (with or without tax) and quantity.
Web instrument has developed functionality similar to the one Mass Product Changer possesses, however it’s somewhat limited, comparing to Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Product Management

PrestaShop catalog and products management is essential for developing clear and up-to-date store content. Store Manager for PrestaShop offers similar to popular web tool scope of operations possible over PrestaShop items. Both solutions allow to create, edit, delete products and categories, manage attributes, combinations and features.

Import/Export of Products

PrestaShop import is the most efficient means of PrestaShop store content management. Both solutions compared foresee upload of product related information to PrestaShop database from CSV file format. Although, Store Manager application extends PrestaShop import possibilities, confirming upload of XLS, XML, TXT files. What’s more advantageous, having this application at disposal, online merchants can import categories and products with images (several images to one product).

One can easily perform PrestaShop cron import if being Store Manager user. It has Automated Product Import Addon implemented, what requires paid registration. This is workable medium, which allows to automatically upload CSV files from different sources: local files or having FTP or HTTP links to them.

PrestaShop cron import, being carried out via Automated Product Import Addon is quite an approachable procedure and does not drain away time and efforts. One has to create scheduled task, set up import configuration, define time and regularity of data upload. PrestaShop import will be performed automatically at definite time.

Store Diagnostic

Here is one more advantageous feature Store Manager for PrestaShop is endowed with. Store Diagnostic instrument implemented to the application, will help avoid issues with PrestaShop images and uncover missing product images, images that are not linked to any product, products without images.

Additional Functionality

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Store Manager for PrestaShop functionality can be extended and enhanced by means of plugins, what can’t be said about popular web tools.

PrestaShop users can integrate store data to eBay via eBay Integration Addon, synchronize store data with accounting software by means of QuickBooks Integration, upload products and descriptions from IceCat with IceCat Product Integration Addon. Any Addon can be purchased on about 120$ only –

PrestaShop Cache

Both, Store Manager application and popular web tool give such a possibility. Corresponding option is called Clear Shopping Cart Cache in Store Manager application, Empty Smarty Cache – in popular web instrument. If talking about reindex, Store Manager predominates – it has built-in reindex option called Rebuilt Entire Index, what is not associated with popular web tool.

Having analyzed covered above points, it can be said that Store Manager for PrestaShop gives wider range of functional possibilities than widespread web tools – it allows to accomplish PrestaShop cron import and has enhanced mechanism of PrestaShop catalog management. To find details on Store Manager for PrestaShop go to –

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