Assign PrestaShop Products to Categories Having Their IDs in File
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Assign PrestaShop Products to Categories Having Their IDs in Import File

Appending merchandise to PrestaShop, you are supposed to place them to certain categories or subcategories and ensure that customers will easily reach them. If you have the categories created and are uploading new products or updating existing ones, the task is to place them to these categories or change category associations.

In order to assign PrestaShop products to categories via import performed with Store Manager for PrestaShop, you can use category IDs as identifier in the file. In this post you can find extended guidance on how to assign merchandise to suitable categories or subcategories of different levels having their IDs in the import file.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

How Should File Be Formatted

You must have properly formatted .csv file for product import, to be more precise, category IDs for listings to be uploaded should properly be configured in the file. Details, you include in the file depend on whether you are creating new items via import or renewing the ones, added previously. Category ID will, correspondingly, be indicated in Category column of your file. Look at the screenshot provided.

Assign Products to Categories During Store Manager Import File Example

Important: if product is planned to be assigned to several categories, their IDs should be detached by double category delimiter

Points to Consider to Assign PrestaShop Products to Categories Massively Via Import

Now you are about to proceed with usual data upload accomplishment via Store Manager import wizard. Detailed step-by-step tutorial is outlined in this article – Import Products to PrestaShop using Store Manager

We want to draw your attention to settings directly influencing category assign success.

  1. There is a bunch of fields to be configured at Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character step of PrestaShop product import wizard. To associate products massively with PrestaShop categories when their IDs are provided in the file, check “Use ID as category path” on this step.

  2. Use ID as Category Path During Products Import with Store Manager

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    Check category delimiter just above this option. It should coincide with the one, detaching category IDs for one product in the file. Do not forget to double the separator when inserting several category IDs.

    If products, indicated in the file, already exist at PrestaShop in some categories and you have other categories specified in the file, but do not want to remove them from current ones, enable “Keep current category association(s)” option. Once the import has been completed, merchandise will be assigned to categories, indicated in the file without being removed from previous ones.

    Keep Current Categories Associations During Products Import with Store Manager

  3. On “Assign .csv Columns to Database” fields step, you are expected to set fields correspondence and select product identifier, the one import file possesses.

  4. Category paths and IDs can not be used as identifiers simultaneously in the course of one product upload procedure. It means, you can use one identifier at a time – either category ID or path and have either ID provided for all the products or entire category path.

    Assign CSV Columns to Database Fields During Products Import with Store Manager

  5. Disable “Ignore category path and put product into the most suitable (by name) category” options at the last step, otherwise products will randomly be assigned to the categories defined as the most suitable by PrestaShop import tool.

  6. Ignore Category Path and Set Specific Category Option During Products Import with Store Manager

Make sure data upload configuration has been accurately determined and confirm import to assign PrestaShop products to categories massively.

Relevant category associations is a compulsory element of your PrestaShop product catalog. Assign goods to necessary categories or change category associations for products in bulk with Store Manager.

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