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PrestaShop Product Packs

Online merchants are looking for various techniques to thrive on the Internet and make web store profitable. PrestaShop, beyond doubt, endows its users with multiplicity of tools for smart store handling and PrestaShop product pack ranks high among them.

Product pack can’t be left unattended since it is mutually beneficial for both sides: web merchants, so far as they can sell more, and online shoppers, who can order two or more products at once without extra catalog browsing. PrestaShop pack allows to bundle two or more merchandise into one product and, respectively, these items are sold together. They are so-called constituents, used to create PrestaShop product pack.

Selling packs of PrestaShop products, one can also set special discount on the offer and incorporate products that best suit each other. As practices show, buying computers, for example, people might be interested in monitors or printers. Oftentimes shower gel comes with sponge and body lotion what are good-sellers. Store owners can combine different products to create packs and thus provide shoppers with the opportunity to make an apt purchase.

Store Manager for PrestaShop, in its turn, helps store owners in product pack handling. One can turn necessary items to pack and add related goods to this pack within short span of time. Before creating product packs store proprietors should consider the following:

  • items to be added to pack should be appended to PrestaShop catalog in advance
  • PrestaShop product pack can include multiple products
  • already existing pack can not be added within new pack
  • currently virtual products and combinations can’t be added to a pack

To create product sets store owners are expected to accomplish several simple operations:

  1. If pack product has not been yet added to PrestaShop catalog, one should make use of Add Product option and designate details for it. In case target item already exists, user has to find this product in the list (use built-in or custom filters to quickly reach it)
  2. Afterwards Is Pack Product box should be checked in Quick Tabs -> Pack.
  3. Once pack option is enabled, PrestaShop user can add merchandise to the pack. Required items can be found with the help of product search form. Search conditions (text to search for and fields to search in) and search options should be designated in this form. After search results come in Results section, one can add any product to pack double clicking on it
  4. It is obligatory to click on Apply Changes for pack to be saved. As it has been already mentioned, pack product can include numerous items, which are being added in the same way. When certain item is added to pack, store owner can set quantity for it

If store owners stop selling some goods that belong to the pack or simply do not want these products to be accessible in the pack, they can remove these items from the set using Delete Product function. These items will be removed from the pack, but not from PrestaShop catalog

PrestaShop product pack is actually a set of products clientele can buy in one click. Packs usually include several products that can be sold separately as well. Store Manager for PrestaShop lets online entrepreneur efficiently create product packs and provide the best shopping experience to your customers.

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