Import PrestaShop Products into Multiple Categories/Subcategories

Updating site with new products, you probably would like to categorize them so they could be accessible and easier found.

If your PrestaShop webstore contains a substantial amount of categories, you may consider a CSV product import rather than assigning each product to category individually.

In case you have already imported goods and want to assign or re-assign them to other categories, this is also possible right during import.

In this article we will discuss the most often-asked questions concerning massively linking products into categories using import procedure using Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Import Using Full Category Path

In case you have, let’s say, ‘Sneakers’ subcategory under ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ categories, you have to indicate full category path in front of each product to place them to 100% correct category/subcategory. Do not forget to include ‘Root’ category in full path.

So here is the example:


In our case, categories and subcategories are separated by pipe symbol (|). What character is used in your file to separate categories&subcategories in category path you can indicate at this step of import:

Note: Indicating full category path during import you can link your goods to categories that are not yet uploaded (as well as existing). If there is no category found using this path, it will be created on-the-fly. This is especially useful when you import new products and built category structure at the same time.

Import Using Category ID

If your category hierarchy is already created and you can see their IDs, you can use them to link items to relative categories.

So in the import file, in column ‘Category’ you will have the number corresponding to ID of existing category.

Moreover, you need to check the box to enable this operation at this step of import –

Note: To use category ID, categories should be created in advance. You cannot use ID to assign products to new categories.

Import Products Into Multiple Categories

Now you know what you need to input in the file when you want to massively assign products to new or existing categories. But what if the items belong to more than one category?

In one and the same column ‘Category’ in front of product you need to indicate:

  • In case you are using full category path, indicate each of paths separating them by double delimiter. For instance, products have to be assigned to 3 categories: subcategories ‘Sneakers’ (under ‘Women’), parent category ‘Women’ and one more subcategory ‘New Arrivals’ (under ‘Clothing’ main category)

  • Root|Women|Sneakers||Root|Women||Root|Clothing|New Arrivals

  • In case you are using category ID, indicate the values for created beforehand categories or subcategories like this:
  • 10||74||12||102

    Please note, the categories in both cases are separated by double delimiter – the symbol to separate category values repeated twice. The symbol used need to be indicated at this step of import:

    Keep or Change Current Categories Associations

    In case your products already have associations with categories you can either preserve them or re-write during import.

    To keep products in current categories and additionally assign them to the ones indicated in import file, you need to check ‘Keep current categories associations’ box –

    If you want category relations to be removed for imported products and products need to be placed to indicated in file categories, uncheck the above mentioned box.

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